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Roat Pkz Halloween Event 2022!


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Roat Pkz Halloween Event!
:pumpkin: Hello everyone, yesterday we introduced our 2022 seasonal Halloween Event :pumpkin:


:ghost: Spooky Season has arrived on Roat Pkz! :ghost:
Thanks to @Fantastic our client background has taken a new look for the Halloween period, make sure you thank him for his incredible work, and also a special thank you to @Smackd for being the brains behind the event. 

Screenshot 2022-11-02 at 17.11.26.png

Spooky Home
The home has been spooked out and is very spooky now!

Screenshot 2022-11-02 at 17.12.28.png

:ghost: Death has arrived! :ghost:
has taken up a comfortable spot south of the Grand Exchange post in our Home area, if you speak to him he will send you on a dangerous adventure to capture the souls of Fear Reapers, restless ghosts which are plaguing the wilderness of RoatPkz. The Fear Reapers have been haunting anyone who dares disrupt them, so do so at your own risk.


:ghost:Fear Reapers:ghost:
Death will hand you the "Ghost's Skull" which when activated in a specific area will summon a Fear Reaper for you to kill. The Fear Reaper will drop Fear Tokens, which we will discuss more below. Be aware, they won't be the only thing here looking to harm you. If you happen to lose your Skull, and Death is unwilling to hand you another, you can spawn one. (::getid Ghost’s Skull, or ::item 553 1).


:ghost:Seasonal Items:ghost:
As always, we have introduced some seasonal items, that will be available to obtain from Death after retrieving 10k Fear Tokens from fallen Fear Reapers. The Headless Head, Halloween Jumper, and Haunted Wine Bottle will only be available during the event, so get them before it's too late. If you equip the Wine Bottle, and interact with it, you may be in for a Spooky Surprise!


:ghost:Event Rewards:ghost:
Doing Deaths bidding is no easy task, so we convinced him to offer up some extra rewards for all your effort. You will be able to obtain extra Fear Tokens to purchase Small, Medium, and Large Halloween Boxes, which can be very profitable should luck be on your side.


:ghost:New Death Pet:ghost:
We've introduced a new seasonal Pet, if you'd like Death to follow you around, you will want to act fast as this is only available during the event period. Death will produce something special when claiming the souls of your victims in the wilderness whilst he's by your side. You can get him if you're lucky enough during the duration of the event by opening Halloween Boxes.


:ghost:Halloween Event Boss:ghost:
The new world event will spawn a Large Undead Ghost that will unleash havoc on everyone in their path, keep an eye out for the skulls it will throw your way, as upon cracking on the ground there will be Fear Tokens inside. You will be alerted by a broadcast before the event begins, so keep an eye out!

The boss will spawn a total of 7 times per day, on 3 hour intervals. The event boss has a chance to drop all three tiers of Halloween Boxes, and a guaranteed drop of Fear Tokens. 


We hope you enjoy the event, and had a great Halloween, thank you for your continued support - as always we're working on a lot of cool stuff for you so stay tuned!! 😎

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