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Skiller's Bag?

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I'm not sure if this will be an easy thing to implement into the game or not, but it would sue make the QOL for skillers a lot better due to the fact that you all seem to want to add skilling into the wilderness instead of keeping it a safe venture for more a more chill environment between people. 

The idea is simple, take the looting bag from the Bounty shop and rename it to the "Skiller's Bag" with some kind of different color to keep it distinguished from one another. 

This bag should act as a second inventory for any and all skilling purposes. You should be able to withdraw and deposit items in and out of this bag in the wilderness and safe areas (prep for farming runs etc) and have a button to toggle to keep the bag open over the inventory interface to act as a second inventory purely for skilling purposes in the wilderness. For example currently to do say fletching in the resource arena you may only be able to carry say 5-10 logs and your knife at a time which can feel very defeating because of it making the process much slower.

With the Skiller's Bag added into the game it would help level the playing field for pking since someone would be able to have their gear and supplies in the main inventory space to acutally put up a fight especially when having to tank a team. The one thing that would be controversial would be the ability to have another 28 food in your inventory which is probably currently too over powered since it would almost like having a Pack Yak back in the day. I think that this bag should not be able to be accessed during combat. 

This bag could be added to all of the skilling shops for say 50-100k skilling points which would on death be converted back into skilling points.

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Roat started off as a custom RSPS though.. Part of what made me start playing years back was the uniqueness of the small customizations that were around. 


I'm guessing most people who come to play aren't looking for things to be exactly like OSRS anyway as long as it's a realistic item that doesn't break the originality of the game like you see some servers doing with crazy customized gear/weapons that make the game unrealistic. 

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On 1/21/2023 at 3:10 AM, Ultraviolence said:

I think it's a nice concept but this takes the entire "Risk for reward" factor out of the game. It's also super custom so na.

After seeing the update it'd still be nice so the xp rates would be higher. 

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