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Summer Event 2023 - Surf Board - Flower Crown - Beach Balls!


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Ahoy, adventurers! Gather 'round as we unveil the highly anticipated Summer event. We're turning up the heat this season, so get ready for a whole new level of fun!

Drop anchor at our tropical island paradise, accessible via a magical portal stationed right next to our very own Pirate at ::SUMMER. Once you're there, dive straight into the action by challenging the riotous beach balls that have overrun the island. These bouncing brutes may appear playful, but they're not to be taken lightly!

Each vanquished beach ball drops tokens that can be exchanged for exclusive Summer Caskets, crammed with seasonal rewards you won't find anywhere else. But these treasures are as fleeting as a summer's day, available only during this event. So, stock up on as many tokens as you can!




Thanks to @Hemmi80 our client background has taken a new look for the Summer period.



Summer Home
The home has been visited by the Summer spirit. You can start the event at ::summer!
Talk to Pirate and he will guide you through the event. (don't forget a spawn ball!)


Adventure Portal
You start your journey by teleporting to the wilderness using the Portal! Be aware! This is in the wilderness!


Row Boat
Then take the Boat to the Summer Island where you can start earning tokens.


Ball Spawner
Once you've entered the Portal, pick up a Ball Spawner and throw it! An Beach Ball will appear ready to FIGHT!


Beach Ball
The Beach Ball will pop up and is ready to fight you instantly! Kill it and collect your Summer tokens!


Summer Token
The Beach Ball will drop Summer Tokens (along with PvP kills), be sure to collect them so you can purchase some items!


Token Rewards
After you've collected your tokens you can spend them at ::summer! I highly recommend the Gold Treasure Chest!


Bronze Treasure Casket (500 PKP)
Cheapest of the casket's is the Bronze Treasure Casket. For only 5,000 Summer Tokens


Silver Treasure Casket (2,500 PKP)
Mid range of the casket's is the Silver Treasure Casket you can get up to 30k PKP from the casket.


Gold Treasure Casket (10K PKP)
Best of the casket's is the Gold Treasure Casket you can get up to 10M PKP from the casket.


Surf Board - 10M PKP
This Surf Board has been custom made for this event and is super duper rare from the Gold Treasure Chest - we only anticipate 3-10 of these to enter the game during the duration of the event. The surf board can transform into 6 different styles!

Screenshot 2023-06-19 at 17.13.05.png

You can see all of the surfboard styles here! 6 in 1!


Flower Crowns - Base Reward
We added the flower crowns in 9 colors for the base Summer Event Reward.


Beach Ball Pet - 100K PKP
We added a Beach Ball Pet as event special for 2023 Summer Event.

element-flower-icon-free-png.png We hope you enjoy the event, and we wish you happy summer element-flower-icon-free-png.png

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Expertly crafted and polished, it's evident that the professional content and captivating pirate-themed elements were not generated by an AI. This event showcases remarkable originality, with no repetition of character designs or assets from past holiday events. Rest assured, no digital manipulation or editing tools were utilized in the development of this imaginative event. Additionally, congratulations on acquiring yet another magnificent mansion with the majestic royalty update. Your hard work and dedication are truly admirable.

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  • Hemmi80 changed the title to Summer Event 2023 - Surf Board - Flower Crown - Beach Balls!

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