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The Slayer Skill:

- Talk to a slayer master and recieve a task to kill (anywhere from 1-35) (Pures/Zerkers/Mains etc) and obtain slayer XP by completing these tasks and when 99 slayer is reached the cape should have better bonus' than the death cape.

PVP Drops:

- Random PVP drops (Vestas, Statius, Morrigans, Zuriels)


Thank you for reading, that is all for today.

- BT

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13 minutes ago, Bone Time said:

I just remembered another idea I had thought of earlier...

Custom Inventory kit:

- Just like the custom kits, but just for your inventory so you could just refill your inventory and keep the items that you have on and run back in the wildy RIGHT QUCIK boii

Or if your just going to re use the same gear and Inventory just use a kit..?

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  • 3 weeks later...

ive seen this slayer system on a different server and its really good i suggested it on here in 2013 but theres no need now cos bounty hunter is basically the same thing

as for the custom inventory kit thers no need anymore cos u can load a kit now even if u only hav 1 of the item in ur bank

also u already get more pkp for higher killstreaks

25 minutes ago, Bone Time said:

Add selling/trading not just vote tickets, but also vote points.

- for example: I have a certain number of vote points on multiple different accounts of mine and would like to get them all on one account. And I'm sure there are many players out there who would purchase and pay decent PKP for some vote points.

support ive suggested adding vote point tickets to the vote shop which u can buy for 1 vote point each and claim them to get 1 vote point, only bad thing about this is it will be confusing for some players

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