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  1. Yes to: A little twist to the slayer shop (don't forget vote store btw) More bosses/monsters in the wilderness that are actually worth doing No to: Divine spirit shield
  2. Castle wars still works, right?
  3. This was when ely's were 80k?
  4. I could imagine that it would take quite a bit of time to do this since it's not just setting a ::dice or ::dicing command to the castle wars area. The anti-scam dicing option is build together with flower poker. You would either have to make two seperate pieces of software (and interfaces) and remove the dicing options from the current gambling interface at ::fp or make players unable to click both dicing options at the fp area and flower poker at the dicing area (but that would be ugly imo) I understand that it doens't take like hours to fix but if you look at the demand for gambling (both now and before the gambling update at ::fp) it's not really worth it to possibly boost the interest for dicing games. Maybe that people would dice here and there after an update like written above is done, but after a while I think dicing would become dead again.
  5. Great suggestions! I'll add them to the list.
  6. You might've already done it but if you haven't try to remove every single file related to RoatPkz from your notebook (incl. trashbin), update java and check the box where it asks if you want to remove older versions of java and try again.
  7. Did you just search for a topic that had the word arab in its title or how the fuck did you come up to this thread again
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