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  1. it would be way too op (as in the amount of $ coming in to the eco) in my opinion.
  2. @GretarIt feels like you're taking more distance from your community every week. The only intereaction you have are the polls you post in Discord (that people have to ask for for litteraly weeks) and the update threads you post. It currently feels like you don't really care about what's going on on your game and with your playerbase. Ofcourse I can not determine wether this is actually the case but atleast if feels like it is. When RoatPkz has updates or is down for some reason most of your staff members have no idea what's going on and cannot answer questions because they basically don't know and weren't informed. I don't really see you around in game, on the forums or whatever either. I also hear the people that need your help have to wait days if not weeks for you receive a reply (if you even answer). I understand that you get tons of messages each day but you're still the owner of Roatpkz and the one that people go to for certain questions. In my opinion keeping good communication with your players and certain people is very important. If you don't agree with certain things I wrote above please let me know, I'd like to discuss with you and get to know what's going on. I can't really give substantive feedback to the staff members of Roatpkz as I've not really been in contact with them the past month. Apart from that I'd like to thank @Tulrak for his contribution towards Roatpkz as retired server support. ❤️
  3. Yeah could be a nice addition to the achievement tab but next time you should post it in #suggestions bro
  4. Awesome to see you trying to get some action in the pure bracket going. For sure a nice bracket, pure pking is way too fun to let die.
  5. It's an untradable for a reason You can dump your left-overs in the lottery though.
  6. Just make a new account and select the hardcore gamemode dude
  7. I'm sorry bud but you're not going to be a part of the RoatPkz staff team since you're way too impulsive and take things too personal to operate as a meaningfull staff member. A little example:
  8. That's true and I understand that, however I think the amount of people continue playing this gamemode will be very small. But that's just an assumption, time will tell.
  9. Keen to see where this goes though. I like this first gamemode being announced, however I doubt it will be challenging enough for the majority of RoatPkz. The only difference with this mode and your main account is get a high killstreak, when you die you make a new hardcore account. Most players will try it out this thursday but when they die (perhaps a few times) they'll just hop back to their main account since not dying is the only difference. There's no extra rewards, achievements or whatsoever. It only limits you in your gameplay.
  10. @Im Brad Pretty sure you can find either cheap editting software or completely free (and watermark free). If you're going to invest in Adobe Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas it's going to be a big investement. To easily get rid of the black bars use OBS as recording software and make a window capture to display RoatPkz in.
  11. Some tips for the next time: Cut out parts/re-do them when theres too much background noise (f.e babies crying 😂) It's a very long video so timestamps might be usefull The music is too loud and makes it harder to focus on you, the one who is taking you through the game Get a decent screenrecorder that doesn't have a 10m2 watermark
  12. 250$ and I'll help you guys
  13. https://forum.roatpkz.com/index.php?/forum/30-screenshots-and-videos/
  14. This. Apart from the fact that this thread basically has no point, I could imagine that there are a lot of people who are never going to donate $1000 in total so that makes this point invalid aswell. Blurry thread mate.
  15. Yeah I know dude! But when my right-click is off (or want to turn it on) it would be easier to use the control settings in my opinion. Thanks for the kind words.
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