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  1. Usernames im interested in: Heh @Smackd @JBLIND @Gretar
  2. yeh roat was special but now the level of autism has been reduced to that of normal rsps's
  3. chaik

    Never Forget

    that jblind thinks hes all high and might when hes still a piece of turd like the rest of roat pkz
  4. chaik

    Never Forget

    @JBLIND Was a DUEL RAT now he thinks hes too good for anyone SMH.
  5. chaik

    kos amk jblind

    he tries, that's what counts @JBLIND
  6. seen some go for 300-400k decently, unsure if you will be able to get one cheaper then that but best of luck
  7. chaik


    Roat pkz peak autism right here folks
  8. keep ignoring me and ill shove a cattle prod down ur throat
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