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  1. Recently I had decided to do a little face reveal video and to talk a little bit about myself. And since most of my subscribers/viewers are roat players it felt appropriate to make a little sub here to share it with you all. Hope you enjoy.
  2. Gz to the other winners. Happy to see 3rd place. Editing wise I feel like Ibbe was miles ahead of jordan tho. Just when it comes to editing (and slightly more variations when bridding in gear). Just my opinion. Gz boys
  3. Fully support this. veng is way to easy to out eat. I don't fear axing on 20 hp while hes venged because i know i can outeat it 99% of the time...
  4. I'd only support very few items. F.,e javelins as u dont get a ballista when u join. Don't want to scare off new players by needing pkp for the simplest items like a whip
  5. ill +1 all stackable items should show no number in the corner tho! that way u dont know how many tickets or amount someone has of an item if they're noted
  6. thanks for the feedback. its hard to come up with numbers up the spot so im all up for changes. I can just see these type of items being way bigger of a sink, more than they are an item that brings them in the game. Even if you have a player that's really good and gets more profit than loss, for everyone of those you have a few who just lose one after the other.
  7. Normally I'd argue you sacrifice some strength bonus to get a slight def bonus. However; i think everyone should take in consideration that statius DEGRADES. In my opinion this changes a lot. A 3k helm you'll keep forever (unless risking) with a venom effect and more strength or a 3b helmet that gives a bit of defense and you'll lose it after an hour. ill support the buff
  8. In the few days that I've been back I noticed that a lot of players don't care for targets or care about getting bh points. I think it's a real shame as BH points are a great way too make money, but I can see where some of them are coming from. I have 2 small idea's to improve this! 1. The addition of the new PK Sphere. (It can literally be anything else - the idea is that it's an item you bring with you) There will be 3 tier's of this item. - small - purchasable for 500 pk points. - medium - purchasable for 2.5k pk points - large - purchasable for 5k pk points - Enourmous (optional addition) - Purchasable for 50k pk points. All the following effects will be implied while you have the sphere in your inventory. It is always lost on death and your opponent will receive 1/2 of the purchase price in tickets (Bonus; great money sink!) > Small: Every target kill you get will have an increased +5 pk. There is also a 5% chance that your tier upgrade skips a tier. (tier 1 becomes tier 3) > Medium: Every target kill you get will have an increased +20 pkp. There is also a 15% chance that your tier upgrade skips a tier. Target kills will now have a 7.5% chance to give you 1,000 BH points (options; add 1k bh points to the account or drop a box/casket that when opened gives 1k bh points). > Large: Every target kill you get will have an increased + 100 pkp. There is also a 50% chance that your tier upgrade skips a tier. Target kills will now have a 15% chance to give you 1,000 BH points. > Enourmous: Every target kill you get will have an increased + 1000 pkp. There is also a 100% chance that your tier upgrade skips a tier. Target kills will now have a 25% chance to give you 1,000 BH points. These prices can obviously be changed a little or even be voted on to see what the community finds reasonable. The large/enourmous rewards may seem very big, but try to keep the price in mind of purchasing it. If you happen to die on the first fight, you'd loss a big 50k points. Roatzpkz may have some gear stronger than others, but we don't have ridiculous gear like torva to make you near invinsible. Even in max strength vesta I still die to welfare every so often. 2. Adding some boxes to the BH shop. We all love to gamble. There is some sort of satisfying factor to opening a box and not knowing what random item you're going to end up with. I feel like more people would do BH just to get some of these boxes. You could create an entire new BH box with bh related item (perhaps items in the bh shop?) or use an already existing box (or boxes). Price of it should rely on rarity of rewards, just like other boxes. Thanks for reading this all, let me know what you think down below! - Metal Raimon
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