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  1. Everywhere i go i see roatpkz ads lmao, this is the girl from roatpkz ads. i see u gretar @Gretar https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLTdn85zBDvBDCoukZkNJ0w
  2. k0ntv0cht

    Help niggas

    Do you guys know how to edit videos, If u do pm me on forums ty.
  3. Best hybrid my ass. My son is better hybridder
  4. Im searching for the Atlantis Can u help? God wants me there to serve my time
  5. I shall get back to slap everyone. right
  6. Wow, people really still post killpics lmfao. Like wtf? Who cares
  7. This photo remind me of a movie called “the collector” lmao
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