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  1. LMAOOO YES My Alt acc, Boney money with 2 spaces. LMAOOOO IK
  2. So this weirdo named "Y" piped up and asked me to NH stake, shortly after getting bullied and loses he decides to make lies saying I got "brew drops" when 10 people were watching, also avoids to ask mods to check logs. Shortly after that he decides to rage stake and chuck his bank, which I took from him aswell. L0000l. Anyways Ty 1-0, hope to see you in wildy :p.
  3. Topic Posted, go check it out to see Piss boy get absolutely victimized
  4. LMAOO PISTOLPOPPER Gets banned after refusing to pay 500k after losing NH Stake, shortly after he decides to pay the 500k for unban to his lord Boney Money after talking so much shit. Also on his new topic those were fake pics, he asked to nh stake them, then to show how much they have and faked the pics saying they paid for off, this was all after he lost the nh stake too lmfao. You can tell just by looking at the second picture, him cutting out their names. But anyways thanks again for half ur bank pistolpopper hope to see you back at hills.
  5. By the way to everyone reading this its fake, he asked to nh stake, then to show the items to show he actually has the amount, then fakes the pics with his own items, this is all after I beat him for a 500k nh stake. Topic comin soon
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