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  1. YO, Can we ban @Xex Thanks @JBLIND and @Fantastic Dumb clout chasing retard posting dumb shit 24/7. I did for a week but i thought he would get bored. Obviously not low IQ and a virgin 100% thanks jordan and crowned fking love u fk ur ass bro fk ye love u bro ye bro ye4 fk ye fk ye
  2. You're dumb as fuck if i sell RSPS currencies. i have a real job. Playing roat pkz 20 hours a day. @biologist @jesusfcksyou
  3. Shit post go fuck you're self retard.
  4. Nice, can kill all the idiots coming in my resource area for scrolls now ez 1k ezclap ez bruv ez man ez ting ez peng ting ling dong ding ring rong chinaa man
  5. Nice slave, GINZA dont threaten to ddos me again retard.
  6. @birtty @Xex @1 slap You lot are the type of people too all sit in a zoom call butt naked playing roatz together.
  7. Yo, This is XEX getting fucked by his master, stupid dog. Water and food is ready. Sit down bitch. @Xex
  8. Fuck off trolling, retard, screenshot or it didn't happen LUL. @Xex
  9. Already got his nudes, fan boy. This is someone elses ban appeal reply.
  10. Good Music Choice, Nice AHK or do you click each item in the same position each time. Downloaded the video and slowed it down put markers on each position and i can see you are CLICKING each item direct in the same place each time? Is that why you speeded it up? Confused? Why are you setting you're own members up for kills on alts? Very weird. Now all you virgin fan boy clan members will like you're video. Go fuck you're self. @Alex1
  11. You're still terrible if you are the Real Vos. fazexrich here btw, Trolololol. Little bitch boy, ill send you too the gulag. ATTAG.

  12. Hello Best reply to an appeal accept from the occasional 'Fuck off idiot' 'go away retard' Hes actually put effort into this. 10/10 @JBLIND @Xex Opinion G @Fantastic better than you're 'appeal declined'
  13. necking my self at edge right now
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