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  1. You're intentionally antagonizing me by posting unnecessarily on threads. I am not a homosexual, those are out of context screenshots, and you're flooding the in-game yellchat with this last ditch effort to seek out any attention.
  2. Rule #2: Disrespect or Intentional Antagonizing(1-2 points 1 month expiry)Players of the RoatPkz community are not allowed to disrespect or antagonize other members of the community. This includes but is not limited to disrespecting members of the forums through personal messaging or topics, intentionally antagonizing members by posting unnecessarily on threads.
  3. No I didn't, nobody did. You just randomly tried to flex it in the yell chat.
  4. I disagree, the last thing we want for the server is to strip of it from its chaotic and anarchist feel. I am in no way supporting the use of racial slurs, but it would get very out of hand to try and punish everyone. Ignore/ ::muteyell is plenty to cater to those who are offended or wish to not see that behavior. Even with that out of the way, this is a huge waste of resources for the staff team and Gretar. Instead, how about we focus on more serious topics like RWT and Scamming. Personally, I think there is no way to properly enforce a no Scamming rule at the duel arena [Auto Screenshot Duel Screen upon entering]. However, if we do not enforce Duel Arena scamming we will always have to deal with an influx of scamming. Instead, let’s enforce that rule and include a message upon entering the staking interface in bold red text. IF CAUGHT SCAMMING, YOU WILL BE BANNED INDEFINITELY. ITEMS WILL NOT BE RETURNED. whether or not that player is banned indefinitely is not important, it is the premise or that fear factor that will prevent scamming. Of course it will still happen, but I’m sure it will no longer be a daily occurrence. Another thing that seems to be bothering me is the money flowing into the game via the clan scoreboard. It needs revising and proper distribution of PKP. The Blacklist also needs to be revised, players should not have to donate or buy donator tickets to add more players to the blacklist. In my eyes, this is not a perk, but rather an essential game mechanic. The ::Staff/::Help command needs to be revised heavily. (Quick add for all online staff members) ::osgp tab on the interface ::Donate and ::vote tabs on the interface similar to the old [Chaotic/Donator Tab] pre new client. Small quality of life updates go a long way to ensure the longevity, quality and professionalism of a server. @Gretar @Smackd
  5. Probably going to pick one maybe two, really serious about this though any suggestions would be great haha
  6. Thinking about Getting an 07 Tattoo: 1 Kc Zenyte Shard 6 kc Sara Hilt Barrage Runes on ribs Lip Tattoo that says “Roat" Light Blue Santa on my Crotch area Lmk if you have any suggestions hahaha
  7. Lowrider


    I’m using perfect vocabulary, stick to your one liners about cutting wrists Emo boy.
  8. Lowrider


    Isn’t there a Staff discord? No need to be a sourpuss on the forums. You’re welcome anyways, smut.
  9. Lowrider


    I beg to differ.
  10. Lowrider


    I could buy legend rn lmaoo. Pretty sure Emulator got SS he literally has 1 post count ahhdjrurhdhehr
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