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  1. No Messing I’m picking the next banger for the vid
  2. My guy uno P.s still a duel rat @ heart
  3. Probably the worst shit I’ve ever seen
  4. Not a bad suggestion but to add onto it I think a different forum of staking should be added like vlsing, tent etc as we all know Roat Pkz has the most rigged duel arena around
  5. Mikey


    I understand that gretar is trying to do this to promote the server but surely their is other ways? I’ve seen most of these people die once then go straight to duel arena + I don’t see why they should be given whatever names they want? Not like that is necessary
  6. Nice video, ankou is so sexy + Gratz @Death Dream you nub on custom
  7. Sick idea, stupid that your giving these new clans from 07 free max sets tho... they should have to work for it like everyone else
  8. Jesus that’s a 1.2m smite lightwork mate gratz
  9. nice video pal, some of them kills tho hh
  10. Sick ideas, The Team tournaments have been mentioned a lot so hopefully they’ll get added soon
  11. Imagine ahaha the guys a whopper
  12. omg this is the best thing i've ever seen #1 king Smoothie for cleaning the biggest rat
  13. "Ty for bank" Your not even up on me, Im just not gay enough to take pictures everytime i win
  14. Your logic is so fucked, you won your stuff back GZ Keep avoiding btw and sitting at edge in max mele P.S Nice Jumper you emo cunt
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