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  1. Kind of confused here? You're suppose to hit higher on armor with mage, less on dhide/range gear, soso on robes. That's how it is on osrs too. So yeah you should hit more on a tank than on robes lol.
  2. I play osrs, nothing on any rsps is really ever 110% the same as osrs.
  3. Seems good enough to me please wise
  4. Monkeyking

    Hacked account

    Just send an email with as much information as I you can.
  5. Yeah, Idk I would've had to log out lol
  6. We need emoji's so I can laugh at this lmao
  7. I'd hate to point out the obvious, but if you hate this servers staff so much. I'm pretty sure there are a few other pking servers out there... Every staff member will always have someone who doesn't like them lol. Doesn't mean you're going to get them demoted. Especially not for the reasons you've provided lol.
  8. Uh yeah we all worry about making money and fighting in-game because it's kind of the point of this particular private server lol.
  9. Why would he support you when you causing a big issue over one person saying no support lol, which by the way doesn't even mean you wouldn't get the position. Doing something like this doesn't help your case at all.
  10. Honestly should've just private messaged them about this lol. No real reason to call them out on forums, if they don't support you, then they don't support you. Calling them out on forums is not a good way to sway the support.
  11. Exactly, I was deployed and I told yoobs when he muted me for like 20 minutes that fuck it i'll just wait a year, and so I did. Still can't remember exactly what the mute was for though
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