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  1. Spartans were closed by mr jakes team like in 2015
  2. l DONT NOW


    HAHAHAHA ur such a jealous paki look @ u, just keep playing roatz and making vids on summer good job u smelly son of a bitch
  3. l DONT NOW


    @Tesfxye and I only got an esta, not visa
  4. l DONT NOW


    I only have violent crimes in that record (GTA, attempted murder, assault/on officers, robbery) I’ve never been caught with narcotics before, seems like that’s what they’re mainly focusing on HAHA are you still alive you anorexic emo? You’ve been suicidal for the past 10 years, is it just an illusion in ur head or do u actually have the balls to kill urself? it’s nothing scary about it Lee we’re all gonna die anyway it’s like waking up when u die, u won’t know u died grow balls
  5. l DONT NOW


    Wtf monkey whyd u quote me
  6. l DONT NOW


    It’s summer, I’m on vacation for fun, ur on roatz making pk vids, who u calling lonely U call this a ghetto? Wtf it’s a white mans city I’ll be gone by then but back by winter
  7. l DONT NOW


    do I have to play in order to let people know? + i didn’t make this for brits or arabs to care
  8. l DONT NOW


    Why the fuck do you care? It’s spam category Ur like a gassed skinny ginger Behave like you do IRL, ur not gangsta just cuz ur on the internet
  9. l DONT NOW


    Im in florida, kissimmee for the next 4 weeks if ur close hmu bring weed
  10. I don’t dislike you but chill out fr LMAO ur not cool, smokey gassed u up 2 damn much u were just like any other roat pkz random not long ago so stop acting like a kid ur an admin lolol
  11. No because this world means nothing, we can never die only our bodies die, then we’ll be put in a new body starting over from the beggining, but with no memory because the memory is in the old bodies brain. Everytime you die this reborn like this until one day universe is sucked up in a black hole, explodes and baam that’s how big bang comes again, like a cycle we’re never 100% happy in our lives let alone have a 100% happy life. You’re still gonna realize time is only passing and your family is getting old, sick and dead, you’ll eventually have kids who will be a pain in the ass to raise, your wife will still make you go insane everyday you’ll have a shit life cuz ur working as a slave for little money that ur eventually splitting with ur kids and wife cuz ur scared to take risks and ur just gonna end up working for someone who did so when are you 100% truly happy? The little time you’re dead because when ur ”dead” you can’t think, or feel. And everything in this world is about feelings. If you feel like smoking, you go smoke, if you feel like the vibration is bad around some people, you’ll walk away Universe repeats itself we’re not obsessed by this world or this life we’re just all stuck in it by the time technology or scientists can prove this leading theory universe will fall in a black hole and create big bang again Time doesn’t have a start or an ending it has always existed it’s the only thing we have and the only thing we can really use There are no straight lines in the universe it’s man made. Math wasn’t created it was discovered. Suicide is the only way to true happiness. Life means nothing, never feel bad for anyone we’re all stuck in this shit together we’re all going the same way Life is about maxing out whatever ur doing if ur driving drive a million dollar car at top speed, if ur fucking around, be like Dan Bilzerian whatever you give to a human they’ll never be satisfied we’re created that way that we just want more and more, if you have a thousand you want more life sucks everyone religion teaches heavenly rewards for obeying rules it’s politics money is the only thing that can make you happy in this world and none of you have any real money cuz ur suckers who play roat pkz all day long Everyone is just a mentality a personality a psyche just like you stuck in this shit kill everyone in ur way wtf u mean cold like ice we all bleed Thanks for reading, now you know the external secrets of this world / -Ungrateful, the day before going insane and losing his job
  12. HAHAHAHA u guys were like 14 when i used to play holy shit stop wasting ur lives
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