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  1. 75 Defence makes magic useless it seems like unless you’re hugging or DD’ing, or something like Arun said. I get outhit by range campers 9/10 times through prayer, and vls has like 3 specs all accurate and strong, javs beat acb and ballista combined I popped three 40’s in a row
  2. it took you only 5 years to learn how to 1 tick. It’s too late now everybody can do it and nobody really play half as intensively as you anymore. I know this is ur favourite game but u were always the slowest hybrid in ur team and suicider
  3. Wait what’s the difference between ::resetkdr and making a kdr alt? Everytime you die you make a new account. All ”clans” have been doing this since roat came out wym Wtf? You don’t refund items or pkp but you’re acting line you’d restore stats LOL stop it bro just use a security code
  4. aren’t u ashamed of saying that LOL this game is all u have, u can have it if u want it it has no worth anyway outside this game ur a nobody transgenders in a nutshell
  5. Transgender with no right to have an opinion, goodbye
  6. Lol dumb suicidal cock that’s not fucking me that’s YOUR clips HAHAHAHA I’ve posted enough videos to prove I’m the best to ever log in to this game Ur embarrassing as fuck how does my dick taste bitch u made some random from os scape fight mr jake and whatever LOL and u lost vs smokey on my rs account U literally took a fat shit on my name thinking u’d beat the worst hybrid in spartans ur not qualified bye
  7. Spartans were closed by mr jakes team like in 2015
  8. l DONT NOW


    HAHAHAHA ur such a jealous paki look @ u, just keep playing roatz and making vids on summer good job u smelly son of a bitch
  9. l DONT NOW


    @Tesfxye and I only got an esta, not visa
  10. l DONT NOW


    I only have violent crimes in that record (GTA, attempted murder, assault/on officers, robbery) I’ve never been caught with narcotics before, seems like that’s what they’re mainly focusing on HAHA are you still alive you anorexic emo? You’ve been suicidal for the past 10 years, is it just an illusion in ur head or do u actually have the balls to kill urself? it’s nothing scary about it Lee we’re all gonna die anyway it’s like waking up when u die, u won’t know u died grow balls
  11. l DONT NOW


    Wtf monkey whyd u quote me
  12. l DONT NOW


    It’s summer, I’m on vacation for fun, ur on roatz making pk vids, who u calling lonely U call this a ghetto? Wtf it’s a white mans city I’ll be gone by then but back by winter
  13. l DONT NOW


    do I have to play in order to let people know? + i didn’t make this for brits or arabs to care
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