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  1. HAHAHAHA u guys were like 14 when i used to play holy shit stop wasting ur lives
  2. Lol basically who goes 2 forum without posting lol
  3. Sophia and Same sea with their pride & dickriding real knows real you don’t have to prove urselves at this point everyone knows ur shit and was from the beggining it’s 2019 if you still play the game congratz it’s too late you’ll be virgins your whole life
  4. l DONT NOW


    That’s one way to get mod
  5. No lol I got no pc but I quit anyway
  6. they killed him because he looked like someone they were beefing yh that’s a valid reason how the fuck should they have known & better yet why do you make a big deal out of it you faggot
  7. Lee is a faggot his dads not fucking dead I heard this guy say ”Yes dad” a thousand times on skype And Craig was 21 in 2014 how is he ”not 24”?
  8. That acc hasn’t logged of since its creation, and its always active
  9. l DONT NOW


    Exactly so stop responding and stop mentioning me everywhere Cuz u obv care about it so much u had to bring it up
  10. l DONT NOW


    I live in sweden, yes, ur an ethnic estonian though cmon why do you even speak about nationalities The rest I don’t even feel like explaining nobody knows me irl I don’t need to lie about shit. It all started with u hiring ”hitmen” from ”the internet” (what a coincidence, you fucking neek), to kill some guy at edgepvp irl ur just mad u embarrassed urself to me that day 1013 when the fuck have I looked up to him, don’t get jealous just cuz I rate some people and not u, ur at the very bottom of my list anyway you’d have to beat the stakers first in hybrid to look half decent but it’s too hard for u Lee ur from the us uve been replying for hooours and its only 4pm over here wyddddd stop thinking about comebacks in your bed go to sleep instead I actually went to jail for 32 days, for suspicion of that, I got cleared from the case tho, and now I’m getting over $10000 for being locked up without being able to determine whether or not I had involvment with efficient evidence, and here you are hating on me losing time and money I could post all court papers for different crimes and times and you’d sit there and translate it and idolize me in your mind while reading all excited n shit, then put on ur poker face and trashtalk me on ROATPKZ FORUMS
  11. l DONT NOW


    Says the trans? Painted nails, long colorful hair, internet gangster, victim feminists irl, what should I think of Lee and u LMAO u both fall in to the emo/gay/trans/neek or ”other” category hahaha
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