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  1. First Why Gg (34 Whip) Now Smokey? Embarrassing team
  2. I know you're speaking directly to Yoobs, but I'm just quickly going to remind you that you paid for votes on a poll regarding who'll be next SS (as if that was even being taken seriously) and on top of that you begged every single staff to help you get SS, you were just trying SO FUCKING HARD now that means nothing for you? ur still butthurt over not getting it that's just how it is and if you're gonna argue on that then ur just a braindead useless retard get off forums
  3. You're only saying that because you're on bad terms with Yoobs/he has kicked your ass so many times it's came to a point where hate and jealousy has developed in your mind. You're both irrelevant, and flaming Yoobs will just result in you dumb idiots getting punished then begging for unmute.
  4. I'll just do this too because I'm bored Gretar - Very lazy Legend - Does an extremely good job, he's mostly on alts though Yoobs - Does a good job, especially on forums. However, I think he's a little too cocky/toxic but I can clearly see why, players show him no respect Smackd - TBE, just a bit inactive (or is it timezones?) John - Zoradz - Hahaha Jblind - If we didn't have 3 admins already I'd be happy af if this guy got it, does a really good job Tupac - A nice guy, does his job well
  5. Hamza


    Have posted one or two of these before, but this one I'll actually stick to. I don't find Runescape interesting anymore, I've grown away from this game and I have things to take are of in real life that I prioritize over this. Most of you have my Skype already, bye. Please refrain from posting any negativity on this thread.
  6. I don't see why not, he has no excuse to not bring max now, I wanna see some "Pk mafia for max" threads
  7. I guess this means you can finally PK in max?
  8. No, I'm not. Responded with what ever staff member would tell him, wait for the new client
  9. No, wait for the new client
  10. jag blev bannad på acc med 70k, riskade från 50. Spelar på annat konto men kommer inte in på den. Vi vinner turneringen idag
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