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  1. Can't really expect much from a guy who's sole interest in this game is himself and having some kind of pride and joy about finally being able to ags/gmaul vs his superiors (me)
  2. The way I avoid a ban on toxicity is by doing /mute all at the beginning of every game
  3. I thaught you had protect melee on
  4. ofc mikep won hes the best
  5. a little more practice and maybe you can face me in the arena again
  6. not an accomplishment everyone on this server is garbage
  7. thresh mains > yasuo mains - rito 2017
  8. dw im the same but on league though
  9. Nice acc idk how people still stay motivated for that game I grinded my b gloves in a week and lost all motivation
  10. awk how you "forgot" your tb was up when it literally tells you in the chatbox ur awareness must be really bad
  11. league outlast prototype (2) subnautica overwatch
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