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  1. Nice vid, a little too much over editing and flashes, other than that, song was great, content was great. Keep it up
  2. you should fight @PK Guy he will rm everyday
  3. 1. im not talking about rag, i said pure nh, nice dyslexia, 2. irrelevant. 3. lml nigga u care about making pixels. SMFH, that max set wont get u anywhere in life.
  4. I am very pleased. Good work fam! #DoItAgain
  5. @speen78 yep you still lost to a new nher doe.
  6. This community is fucked trust. Mods abuse/ take their jobs too seriously, players all get mad over little things. And ye the staff just try to bully players, even on forums. That's when you know they are in over their own heads.
  7. Na, I get morons comin up to me everyday while I sit and wait for ns' to log in, they start attacking me when my in 70 def then they complain after I tell them to off several time and just attack back. Also want to clear up the fact that idk where y'all think I got an ego from? I get shit talked for standing still, so I gotta prove points, and I get 1 def nh to settle beef. I only been nhing 4 months, people call me shit but lose to me. That's just putting people in check, and exposing them for being worse than me when they think they Zaire #1. There are a lot of nhers who do this, and I guess with nhing comes defending egos of who's better, don't matter to me I'm just here to pk and enjoy it. When I'm in* #Autocorrect
  8. You do, I see you In wild and you never say or approach me lmao, assumptions though, it's ok though, if you really think I sit on a rsps all day 24h straight you need to re-evaluate your life. So because I talk like most black people in Atlanta I'm all the sudden a gangbanger? Sounds a like a stereotype to me.
  9. Only got 2 main aces and 2 suicide accs. @Yoobs wym?
  10. @Kihfan55 lol "bully", you don't realize idgaf about what you say to me, won't have any effect. I ain't ridin yo dick tho, I ain't about that life lml. @Hatcx some people are born in places others don't want to even go near, unfortunately i live in that part of Atlanta, but you wouldn't know unless you came here and saw how bad it could get. & ik I've seen you in wildly, you don't do shit, you just talk on forums or sneak diss. If you about it do something or stop responding.
  11. Atlanta

    Diablo III

    Anyone here play Diablo III? & if so what class did you play? I got a wizard lv 75 paragon 50. #MalthaelWasEZ
  12. Hey Yall, Kinda late, but I did only join forums a few days ago. Joined the server is September, I am a new nher/asshole (as several call me) on this server. Yall will see me @EdgePVP usually checkin shit nhers and putting em into place, Or at ::hybrid trying to brid even though im horrible. I'm Not that bad of a person if ya get to know me! lookin forward to stayin on this server and makin the most of my time. I'll be seein yall in the wildy. -Your friendly Neighborhood, S W A T S.
  13. @pyd IGN? we probs fought before lml
  14. Nigga No! R.I.P to only of the only few nhers who gives me a challenge Goodluck with everything fam! O FUCK WP LOOOOL still fam rip to you.
  15. @Hatcx lml nigga is salty, dw fam im str8, but seriously, stop or what nigga?
  16. He does the same thing in nh, he bring max, tsotd, acb, and delays mage more than any other style, and when he gets outswitched, he quickly goes to range delays. I heard niggas knew him from 2011, and they say till this day he aint even good nor was he ever, he aint fast, he has 2 second intervals where his mouse is still, and calls people slow. He just another shit nher thinkin hes someone, i been lurkin that nigga on rsps pk, nothin changed. But now he comes to roat and tabs to me. Just another shit nher thinking hes king.
  17. when u droppin dat pk vid tho?
  18. @Pyd or what? @speen78 obv, you tabbed. back to 126 fam! heard u got dropped for max too gz.
  19. Oh and cant forget about the two niggas Rod aka Ice Ass, aka triflicker and @speen78, both yall talked shit, both yall still haven't killed me/made me tab, & speen how u finna talk shit when you got slapped in spawns. SMFH. Yall niggas a bunch of clowns.
  20. This morning, I had some nhers talkin shit, I get it, yall mad, but i'm finna call out wag1 99b. Why you trynna be me friend when i'm on Atlaanta, and then say you finna ns me when I log on S W A T S. You are fake asf my nigga. Then you say you're gonna call more people to come ns me everyday for you. You sound like a bitch nigga already if you need to call 4 people to ns me for you. Learn your place, you aren't a good nher, I've put you back beside edge bank numerous times. I aint even that good but how you gonna say you better when you can't beat me? As to all the other Nhers who talk shit, same thing applies, yall been nhing how long? I been nhin 4 months, and still lose. Yall needed this check. And to everyone sneak dissin, ty, couldn't be infamous without you if ya wanna come talk shit pm me, don't pm mods or your friends. Pussy ass niggas. SMH.
  21. so yall just a bunch of white knights on a rsps?
  22. Atlanta

    Nothing Important

    i'll take a tsotd ty
  23. and u been nhing since 2011 and still tab to someone whos been nhing 4 months, whats ur point backbone? And why u makin a vid of u slapping the same nher for 4 minutes? you say i farm kdr, this is evidence that ur a hypocrite lml.
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