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  1. legends how did u get @voting santa follow u ? voting add me forums mate

    1. Kihfan55
    2. Blood Hound

      Blood Hound

      He Nows Lagend 

      lagend come back to roapktz i swer

  2. Where did @pkmafia8 place ? These seeme rigged
  3. Songs a banger + blue dragon violated lmfaoooo
  4. Duo vid with genj coming soon so no kills. Might make a video soon w/ bad kills b4 the duo though New render settinigs so black bars , soz
  5. Can't read any of that
  6. Ur a bad troll I swear
  7. Should've copy and pasted the part where the Arab didn't change the nam from rot in the 3rd to last paragraph
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