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  1. legends how did u get @voting santa follow u ? voting add me forums mate

    1. Kihfan55
    2. Blood Hound

      Blood Hound

      He Nows Lagend 

      lagend come back to roapktz i swer

  2. Where did @pkmafia8 place ? These seeme rigged
  3. Songs a banger + blue dragon violated lmfaoooo
  4. Duo vid with genj coming soon so no kills. Might make a video soon w/ bad kills b4 the duo though New render settinigs so black bars , soz
  5. Can't read any of that
  6. Ur a bad troll I swear
  7. Should've copy and pasted the part where the Arab didn't change the nam from rot in the 3rd to last paragraph
  8. So basically ur "better" (and by that meaning ur halfway competitive) only when u can pray on people's specs + the rng on here is so inaccurate u won't get hit the other half of the time... nice
  9. Lol? How did u not have less than 3 brews/rocks in any fight.. LMFAO
  10. I'm gorillas now? Ight kl
  11. Trying to buy subscribers lmfao
  12. Browsing


  13. Browsing


    Omg , fight 4 u . Welcome back
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