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  1. Von Risk

    Jad Hunting Guide

    This helps me alot, THANKS! +1
  2. Nice video INSTAURI i really enjoyed it.
  3. Nice video mate, yesterday i saw u and i already wondered why is he in bronze ^^
  4. Thanks everyone for your support! I will do that immediately.
  5. Hello! Ive started to play Roat a couple of days ago and so far ive gathered a few K's of pkp. Here a picture of my current bank status & my pk/pkp stats: 23 feb. 2017 My current lifetime Roat pk goals are: - 10.000/194 Kills - 50/11 Highest killstreak - 100.000/11.566 pkp - Maintaining +- 2.0 KDR - Becomming a great pker/ ??? I will add more but for now these are my prior goals, hope to keep this page up to date and let you all watch my progression.
  6. Great idea to add all these things! i fully support this idea. +1 JBlind! hope the develop staff will look into this. BUMP
  7. Von Risk


    Thanks! for the warm welcome. i will add Jblind,
  8. Von Risk


    Hello Roat community, I am new to this server and i hope to get alot better at pking Hope to see you around and maybe have a chat or something, have a nice day.
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