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  1. You little snitch are you mad your dead little sister was a rape victim? I’ll go dig and piss on her Go shove a rosé wine up your mothers pussy you digusting son of a slut I hope you get genetic cancer fuck your dead ones fuck your family fuck your friends and fuck you You cuck suck my dick
  2. salty lol - been caught out after all these years, not sure why you're trying to reference my early days of playing roat (bit weird), not an employee as this is not a "job" but you can keep saying that if it makes you feel better (idk weird); Stop crying lol Finally, a solution @repent You’ve lost in life you have negative points you’re a nobody a rat you tried to kill yourself over this game a few years ago you can’t joke about that pussy
  3. Ok, do your job right? Employee. You only have a job because of us players I wish people knew you from the time you were server support or even before that. Silent shy guy who never left ::CW, pk'ing was never on his mind now he's a pk police, banning people for no reason. ur a dick, a prick, horunge
  4. You didn't read or care about what I said If this employee doesn't listen or care then who will? @Gretar Come on, tell me. You're the biggest prick, you know I'm not stupid enough to make a post or give u my attention but you need this, power on this game is the only power you've had in your life. You need to act as the professional employee gretar hired u to be, the same little guy you were when u were server support
  5. Are you saying I didn't learn from the first time I was macbanned? Do you think I enjoy being macbanned? Do you even realize how frustrating it is trying to convince you something you already know? I've read your response a thousand times over and over again because it feels like I'm going nuts I literally want to murder you so you can feel my dissapointment in you If I was to use a spamclicker IN A FIGHT it'd mess up my prayers, food, special attack, just because I showed you it in safe-zone once you're using it against me because you personally don't like me. And what FUCKING statistics or pattern are you talking about a spamclicker would click numerous times per second, it's 1:1 NOW And ofcourse Gretar will agree on the decision he DOESN'T GIVE A FUCK first of all he has no PK'ing experience why would I need his opinion anyway, and he just doesn't care in general he let's you handle shit and since you don't like me, it's not a surprise I'm macced Tell me what to do now, do I continue PK'ing exactly like Amenity in this video (1:1) and hope I don't get macbanned for the THIRD time? Do I stop PK'ing completely? When are you guys going realize I'm not talking shit I'm not wasting my time in private conversations with you on discord over my BAN ON A GAME YOU STUPID FUCKING SHITS it's unfair as FUCK. I didn't even get a fucking warning fuck right off unban my shit right now your shitty detector doesn't work IDC @Smackd Dude help me out here they're trying to make me think I'm doing something im not
  6. Because I'm the only one who pk's like that on Roat? Plus it's not only me but the other ones won't bother defending themselves cuz they know it's pointless, they'll get banned or told that their family's will be raped by Staff, the puppets who think they're all that but they're just confused employees
  7. Still getting banned for AHK'ing, when I'm not, this is what I'm doing and this is what I'm getting banned for: @Gretar @Legend™ @Smackd @JBLIND Is Roatz gonna be the only rsps which forces players to pk according to how staff pk's? We know this shit didn't come from Gretar himself, probably complaints from staff that suck at pking so he made them this detector Why not put me on pk cooldown? I told you staff I could quit pk'ing just to make you feel comfortable but you go ahead and macban me twice
  8. Oh come on dude... If you’re so smart then show me the patterns used on Erca last night, I was using 1:1 ONLY, and somehow autoswitching was detected system is shit The spamclicker I used to sort of ”evade” AHK, but I need AHK to bind them 1:1, but system detects immediately someones ban was lifted as he was doing sort of the same thing don’t know why you gotta be a prick to me, it’s not like switching makes you a better pker
  9. You dickheads won’t answer my pm’s so I figured I’d make this post You can switch items by clicking on them with your mouse, or bind keys, 1 press on a keyboardbutton acts like 1 normal click (1:1), which happens to be how I switch, which isn’t even against the rules on 07, but it is now on Roat? Your ”Autoswitch tracker” doesn’t work I’ve tried switching normally and had an admin tell me to stop ”autoswitching” until he realized it targets anything that doesn’t involve the classic way of switching. It seems to react to autoclicking by any type, and anything related to the app Autohotkey, which I have to use to bind keys. If I wanted to ”autoswitch” (literally press 1 button and have 12 items changed in 0 ticks) I have 2 programmes for that which cannot even be detected by your shitty system it’s bias af Fix your shit I was macbanned for a few days bc of this misunderstanding stop with your bullshit rules there is no right or wrong everyone is free to switch however they want we’re not banning mouse users when they’re fighting trackpad losers
  10. what’s ahk, ”clicking” with keyboard or autoswitch programme? they’re both slow as snail shit you can’t be serious
  11. Probably not the "BEST" idea but would you rather have it where it currently is? Vote shop? 500 votes l0l
  12. at 100% (smallest I can go) it's still big for me. how can I change dis
  13. ”I’ll still be the best to play this game” Has anyone else noticed how his tiny female ego only appears within this forum, never in-game or let alone IRL You’re shit fix yourself ur playtime is horrifying. @pkmafia8Bro make sure ur pet dog doesn’t forget his place again
  14. Trust me if you look at KDR highscore you’ll see majority listed there are alts completely forgot about elo sorry, but it’s different to kdr system Hahaha what a conclusion calm down get off your donkey cuz you’re not getting on a horse. it’s just fun to try, reset option would exist to give up all ur kills over bullshit death like dc (or my example @ da top) Game mechanics??? LOL o play 07 wyf here
  15. Global Admin(s) Smackd - Playtime: 4 Hours (+24 AFK) Greatest of all time. Maybe doesn't have time for this anymore but Roat Pkz will never forget what you've done for us. Administrator(s) Legend - Playtime: NaN Does his email job, he's good Fantastic Cx - Playtime: 80 Hours (+162 Hours AFK) You're good and you really know your job JBLIND - Playtime: 6 Hours (+25 Hours AFK) Where has this guy gone Player Moderator Rag Bot V1 - Playtime: 65 Hours (+58 Hours AFK) Good mod Gied4Life - Playtime: 41 Hours (+62 Hours AFK) Toxic mod. Used to like this guy when he was just a regular player now he's super cocky to people who don't share the same opinion as him. Which is sad, you have to act professional A Pixel - Playtime: 36 Hours (+62 Hours AFK) Decent guy, up your hours and lower your AFK hours and you'll be fine Server Support(s) PM2GETBODIED - Playtime: 113 Hours (+36 Hours AFK) Good hours & helpful Fruitiest - Playtime: 110 Hours (+85 Hours AFK) Gold hearted guy really puts in 100% to help Goat - Playtime: 185 Hours (+132 Hours AFK) Crazy good hours Chelle - Playtime: 106 Hours (+19 Hours AFK) Never seen so I can't say much soz ___
  16. Maybe... or you would. Jk, ratgang doesn't forget to printscreen their everyday kill on you Thank you bro
  17. 1). I'm not Raja 2). Doesn't help shit, I can't move unlocked prayers, or donator status, or any progress w-s-e
  18. Probably everyone has one specific account they like more, whether it's because of donator status, prayer unlocks, username or stats Other competitive players use "KDR" as a way to somewhat measure "skill". My account that I like alot was lent to some youtuber by Gretar he ended up ruining my kdr and now I cannot fix it. My suggestion is simple. Since we can already buy accounts (and they will be reset), there must be a way for players like me to PAY to reset the KDR. It doesn't have to be cheap I remember suggesting this once many many years ago and Gretar didn't like it cuz he said "everyone will just deny they ever died", we'll G now we got screenshots + I don't think that will be a problem LOL Thanks @Gretar edit: can staff move this to suggestions, accidentaly hit "spam"
  19. 75 Defence makes magic useless it seems like unless you’re hugging or DD’ing, or something like Arun said. I get outhit by range campers 9/10 times through prayer, and vls has like 3 specs all accurate and strong, javs beat acb and ballista combined I popped three 40’s in a row
  20. it took you only 5 years to learn how to 1 tick. It’s too late now everybody can do it and nobody really play half as intensively as you anymore. I know this is ur favourite game but u were always the slowest hybrid in ur team and suicider
  21. Wait what’s the difference between ::resetkdr and making a kdr alt? Everytime you die you make a new account. All ”clans” have been doing this since roat came out wym Wtf? You don’t refund items or pkp but you’re acting line you’d restore stats LOL stop it bro just use a security code
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