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King Lee's PKing Guide.

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This Tutorial will help you understand and learn how to PK (Player-kill) in EVERY type of way.


-1 Edge PKing
A) Picture Description
B) Video Description

-2 Pure PKing
A) Picture and Description
B) Youtube Description

-3 Hybridding PKing
A) Basic Hybridding Pictures and Description
B) Advanced Hybridding Pictures and Description
C) Youtube Descriptions

-4 NH (No-Honor) PKing
A)Basic NHing (3-4 Ways)
B) Advanced NHing (6-7 Ways)
C) Youtube Descriptions

-5 Rag PKing
1) Basic Forms of Ragging setups.
A) How To Rag (Pictures)
B) How To Rag (Video)
C) Other Forms Of Rag PKing Setups.

sword-md.pngMelee/Edge PKing

-Edge PKing is usually referred as the easiest form of PKing, so if you've never PKed before this is where you want to start!

First Demonstration (Pictures and Description)


How your average Dharok/Edge PKing setup should look like.




Now everytime you're about to enter the wilderness, you must take a sip of your Overload Potion (Eat three times after you take a sip because this potion WILL drain your Hitpoints) and cast a Vengeance. You can find the vengeance Spell in your spellbook if you are using the current spellbook "Lunar Magic" Don't forget, Vengeance refills after 30 seconds, it also will inflict rebound damage on your oppenent.

Going Into The Fight:


You will always want to have the "Protect Item" (Unless you have no risk), Piety (Which on RoatPKZ, is basically Turmoil), And "Smite" prayers.


You will always want to eat 1 rocktail if your Hitpoints is below 55, rocktails heal 23 Hitpoints.
You will also want to keep an eye on your prayer level, you don't want to get smited! (Super Restores, Sanfew Serums, and Prayer Potions restore 33 Prayer Points if you're at 99 Prayer.


You will always want to use your special attack at a moment when your opponent's Health Bar is about halfway Red and Green, for best results.


For using the Dharok's Greataxe you're going to want to only use it for around 1-2 hits. Also, you should only pull it out when you're below 40 Hitpoints, as it hits higher when you're lower hitpoints.

Youtube Description



This video right here show's you an average Dharok/Edge Pking fight, observe closely.


green-bow-n-arrow-hi.pngPure PKing 

First Demonstrations (Pictures and Description)


This is how the basic Pure PKing setup should look like, you keep your special attack weapon on the second to last line, because in Pure PKing, you must special attack at a PERFECT time, therefore you can just click the Dragon Dagger and press F5 to special attack quickly.

Pure PKing Levels:


The reason for 70 prayer is, on RoatPKZ prayer drains very fastly, so if you keep it at 70, you won't have to be worrying about eating Potions to save yourself from being smited.

Going Into The Fight:


Take a sip over your Overload Potion

Prayer Setup for Ranging:

Prayer Setup for Melee:

When and How to Special Attack:

Now when your oppenent has MOST of his Hitpoints bar at red, then you special attack as quick as you can (This is where the special attack weapon being in the second-to-last line comes in handy) Therefore it will be an easier kill!

Youtube Description

th?&id=HN.608022156513509455&w=300&h=300Hybrid PKing

Hybridding is a VERY large topic when it comes to the PKing Community, hybridding is all about counter-balancing your opponents attack types, varying from usually Magic to Melee. It is a very advanced style of PKing and should only be used by someone who has mastered the other two forms of PKing I mentioned above.

First Description of Hybridding (Images and Explanation)

The average "6-way" Hybridding Setup.

Basic Hybridding (For Beginners)


When starting off a hybrid fight, it's recommended that you take 1 sip of your Super Attack(4), 1 sip of your Super Strength(4), 1 sip of your Saradoming Brew(4), and 1 more sip of your Super Restore(4)/Sanfew Serum(4). Aswell as Blitzing the other player, then switching to Karil's Leathertop, Abyssal Whip, Rune Defender, Fire Cape, and Dragon Boots.

- Karil's Leathertop: Makes it harder for the opponent to hit a magic spell on you. Letting you freely hit him with the abyssal whip with very little defense for the opponent.

Abyssal Whip and Rune Defender: You need something to hit your opponent with!

Fire Cape: Also better for your Magic Defense, and Strength Bonus.

Dragon Boots: Higher Strength Bonus.

Example of "Mage Tank"

Special Attacking, when you feel as if your opponent is in defenseless gear (Such as Ahrim's) and low hitpoints, Special Attack them in your BEST gear.

Another example of counter-balancing, as you can see, my opponent was Special-Attacking me while I was trying to magic attack him (Because he was in full melee gear)

DO NOT FORGET: 3 Sips Saradomin Brew = 1 Restore/Sanfew sip.
3 Sips Of Saradomin Brew = 42 Hitpoints Recovery

Advanced Hybridding Guide

This section of the guide is for ADVANCED hybrid's only. Do not attempt if you do not have proper practice.

Advanced Hybridding Setup.

As you can see, there are many more switches, saradomin brews, and it's all going to come with more complications on hybridding, but with better results (Hitting, Tanking, Etc).

If you're in a fight with only magic involved, it'd be best to alternate between Dragonhide top and Fire Cape (Dragonhide top and Fire Cape when opponent is magic attacking you)
For better magic defense, which will decrease the amount of hitpoints you are losing.

Fake Switching, giving the impression that you'll be changing your attack style, and confusing your opponent.

One second later....
By the time your faking is over, your opponent will think that they will be ahead of your game, and before they know it, they get confused and killed.

Youtube Descriptions




th?&id=HN.607996451131362300&w=300&h=300No Honor PKing

Basic No-Honor PKing Guide:


This is the Standard Setup for Basic No-Honor PKing, once again keep your switches a lot lower so that when you would like to switch or special attack very fast, you will be able to.


Basic skill setup for No-Honor pures, reason why combat this at 86 instead of 91, is because most players do not No-Honor at 91 combat.

Going Into The Fight:

After you pot up, 1 sip of Attack, Magic, Saradomin Brew, and Restore/Sanfew, setpu your prayers, remember this is No-Honor PKing, and in this you'll always want to protect against whatever attack style your opponent is using, therefore the fight will be more about skill.

Anyways, you will want to Blitz, then switch to your range.


Constantly switch and alternate between magic and range attacks, occasionally pulling out your Abyssal Whip.

Then, when you feel as if it is the right time, special attack your opponent. Do it as quickly as you can for the best results.


And with a pattern such as this, a message similar to this should appear :)

Advanced No-Honor PKing


Standard Advanced No-Honor PKing Setup, as you can see there are more switches, reason being is that you will have higher hits, but it will be more of a challenge.

Going into the fight:


After potting up, blitz once, barrage once, and switch to this gear.

Do you see what I did there? That's called DOUBLE FAKING, which is very easy when you're a No-Honor pure. And it usually confuses your opponent a lot and helps you hit high.

Youtube Description
I know, not a video of mine AND it's on oldschool runescape.
sadly I could not find any NHers online, so i'm using another fantastic video as an example.

Rag PKing

The concept of ragging is to not let your opponent PK until he/she logs out.

With a similar concept to NHing (Low switches and a lot of prayer switches) ragging is usually used as a way to kill someone over and over again, most raggers say "You're never PKing again" because they're usually upset about a previous fight you two had, reason why they're grabbing rag.

Ragging is all about not letting your opponent get the better of you, and you always getting kills and eventually the "Clear" (A term referring to your opponent logging out because of frustration)

First and Most-Common form of rag PKing, 126.


How a usual ragging setup would look like (Non-Donators/Barrows)
How a usual ragging setup would look like (Non-Donators/Bandos)
How a usual ragging setup would look like (Donators/Bandos)
-Notice, I added two extra switches (Chaotic Rapier and Chaotic Maul). Reason being that if you're not a donator, there isn't a true reason to add in an attacking weapon for melee besides Armadyl Godsword.Whip is mostly ineffective in ragging, and the chaotic maul is a very good 1-hit weapon if you're running around, stacking on your opponent.

Once again, ragging is almost EXACTLY THE SAME as Pure NH PKing, it's pretty basic.

Going Into The Fight:

Once you're finished Overloading, turn your prayers on to these (This is how most fights start off with, magic attacks)

Once you freeze your opponent, you'll want to switch your gear into this. And change your "protect from" prayer if needed.

An extremely important part to ragging is getting a KO. This is most-likely the best way to get one, Switch to these switches and items and prepare for a special attack. The reason for the "Protect From Melee" prayer switch is because when you get up to your opponent, it could give them a good opportunity to special attack you aswell, and since the highest magic could hit is 40, and range doesn't commonly hit high on "Tank" gear, it's the best choice.

Youtube Description

Now i'm not saying you should be ragging Hybrids, but that's just a basic visual description on ragging.


Other Forms Of Ragging Setups:

Low Level (91) 20 Defense Ragging

Low Level (91) 45 Defense Ragging

Well, this is the end of my guide, let me know what you think! :)

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Looks like you put in alot of effort into making this guide. It was very detailed and understanding only thing I suggest doing is changing the color of the yellow text as bare young kids cant see them shits. Other then that I like these productive posts, keep it up!

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