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Changes to YouTube rank!

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YouTube Rank Changes
Over the past few months we've received complaints about the current YouTube rank, including YouTubers keeping rank even if they aren't active, payments being late & applications taking awhile to approve. We've worked on all of those and I'll list the main changes below.


image.png  YouTube Rank
The YouTube rank applications will now be gone over a lot quicker. You will now also automatically lose your YouTube rank if you don't upload a video for 4 weeks, however it's also automatically re-enabled if you upload another video (might take a day or two).


image.png  YouTube Payments
Instead of the usual 1-2 months between payments, we will now be doing them every day. You will be paid out 7 days after your video upload, as long as you have the rank. The payments are higher than before and are based on the quality, views and engagement.


We just went over all of the YouTubers and roughly 50 players lost their rank, if you're one of them, you can earn the rank back by uploading a new video.

I hope you understand and like those changes!

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Would like my rank taken away and give me veteran instead thnx

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