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    Mine spikes to 8k goml
  2. Pay me 300k and plankgang will off you
  3. Video was all over the place but welcome Croc gang hope to see you in the wild
  4. ::empty best teleport quick everyone go there now free pkp!
  5. Now add a brew cap so it's not 14 brew Ely suffering campers thnx
  6. I like this idea, surely have it in kbd cave instance too! @Gretar
  7. Sick of this force stack brid alien gear Meta it is boring as fuck. It takes WAY too long to find a mystic barrows fight. So I am bringing this topic back again so you can see how to revive ::Brid Btw u all suck I am the best
  8. lol? Pirus was quite literally robbed of first place last time. Really good few videos this time round it was very close IMO Congrats on the win @JBLIND
  9. Damn people out here applying still
  10. Apply today! @Tupac
  11. Yeah you see big specs on tank in osrs too but I think roat is entirely its own game having some pretty alien gear (donor cape, PvP armours ect) and the combat is way different to osrs
  12. This isn't exiled bruv tank doesn't matter on roat
  13. Pc is fucked ATM can't record or edit need a new one, I've got some clips in this and probably another upcoming neeks vid
  14. Classic song And sick kills mate
  15. I have an 07 vid u dont King Lee approved
  16. Neeks on my chest Neeks baby! Always Yeah this post took ages lol and I'm pretty sure I missed some
  17. Enjoy Kills Throwin the set up #Neeks Another 86 lmfao I am so strong Don't have lootpic for this but look at the gear it was clearly big lootations Solo focus at chest Big respect to Jepu he literally brids with his feet and is better than most of you lol I am sorry minimoe I can't stop hitting 86's Dumb fucking Achievements ruining my killpics Me and the boys ported this lil fella Sent it into multi Exposed Quality bro #FREERAJA Henri Owned! owned nerd nice d pick-axe 94 DDS then a 5 poison LOOOL
  18. Hatcx

    Put me on

    Want more rap for my playlist. put me on some shit you think I might like or haven't heard. got a playlist you can see my taste evolve over the years https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF-YnxH29WNDdDKYakOfipnY1nAa7AtUF I love Drill (UK/Chicago/Toronto and whatever else I know ireland n shit got drill ) and hard shit like Suicideboys/Zillakami also like my shit like Thugger/Future/Wop ect. Artists I am interested in hearing more of but haven't had time to check out: NAV Warhol SS Lil Wop
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