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  1. Completely disagree, I already don't like retards flexing redskulls they just got after autocasting at a HP event why give them more insensitive
  2. The irony of you saying this of all people
  3. Hatcx

    Top Boy

  4. Hatcx


    Yes I agree with this random server support I've never seen before free the bear man right now
  5. you would have had me a few times if I didn't eat tbh
  6. Yeah gretar just rang me fellas, you're demoted and ip banned
  7. Literally have eaten out of a 32 barrage 82 ags 33 gmaul, Roat doesn't have any Pid advantage so it makes it much easier than doing this on other servers/07
  8. Not a glitch just my ping, literally watched my cursor triple eat then nothing happen and me die
  9. yeah I always check forums with my phone and this shits been out of hand
  10. yeah I died recently because it literally wouldn't let me eat
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