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  1. @Gretar Make it so you can gamble fire max capes for the jad pet hhh
  2. Would like my rank taken away and give me veteran instead thnx
  3. Yeah same spikes I get, causes me a lot of deaths. Except I'm usually on 30 fps or lower lmao
  4. Hatcx


    Mine spikes to 8k goml
  5. Pay me 300k and plankgang will off you
  6. Video was all over the place but welcome Croc gang hope to see you in the wild
  7. ::empty best teleport quick everyone go there now free pkp!
  8. Now add a brew cap so it's not 14 brew Ely suffering campers thnx
  9. I like this idea, surely have it in kbd cave instance too! @Gretar
  10. Sick of this force stack brid alien gear Meta it is boring as fuck. It takes WAY too long to find a mystic barrows fight. So I am bringing this topic back again so you can see how to revive ::Brid Btw u all suck I am the best
  11. lol? Pirus was quite literally robbed of first place last time. Really good few videos this time round it was very close IMO Congrats on the win @JBLIND
  12. Damn people out here applying still
  13. Apply today! @Tupac
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