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  1. its walking!
  2. @Killbob you will love this. @Gretar i know you see these messages, give me vet rank or ill slap you
  3. id like to thank @Gretar for granting me an official Co-Owner rank. its a pleasure!
  4. i dont even know how much i made, i forgot
  5. Xex


    this is too bad brother may the torra be shoved up your emo bootE
  6. @Gretar let me take his vet rank.
  7. How do I get vet rank? @Gretar @JBLIND @Smackd @Killbob @Fruitiest
  8. Xex


    buy me a legendary ticket
  9. I dont associatr wth gang members
  10. finding bugs that exploit the lottery master and getting pkpt even though I didnt win the lottery.
  11. @Killbob I heard you liked anime @Fantastic @Smackd @JBLIND @Zoradz @jumper19 @Fruitiest @1 slap @Tupac @Pyd @ml gudi @Salad @Suor @TGS Kyle @Zezima @Yoobs @Yoobs da king @Gym Life @GYM TAN RS @Hentai Lover
  12. whos the anime girl?
  13. @Killbob @1 slap @Fruitiest @Smackd @Gretar @Hatcx @Coughfish @jumper19 @Khalil I am asking all of you, my A7es to react and reply to this post, to @ your friends so that they may react to and reply to my post. Jblind is the post below me and I want to prove to everyone that I am more relevant than the admin of this rsps forums. Make this post count, im counting on you all!
  14. ALLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHU WAIFU! Report post Posted 12 hours ago (edited) ALL ARE ACCEPTED, SIMPLY FILE AN APPLICATION! In game name? Gretar Pronouns? Owner, When is the update, Fujer, Hitler, SS-Owner Favorite RoatPkz activity? Seeing Xexs forum posts, i love that man
  15. Xex

    I'm Cracked

    i recommend demoting fantastic cx
  16. Fantastic Cx - Playtime: 68 Hours (+82 Hours AFK I’m a legless donkey @1 slap @Killbob @Zoradz @Yoobs
  17. i spit at your feet, donkey
  18. https://www.twitch.tv/reckful
  19. I have brought this to the attention of the roatpk staff and as the staff manager of roatpk I agree to everything this man has said No no i AGREE I support your support I agree 1000% @Killbob Comment I think so too!
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