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    i need some help

    for some reason ive lost the spark that ive once had where i could post spam for all of you wonderful people once or twice a day everyday. i need you to help motivate me by spamming me. spam my inbox, spam my posts, spam me pls. i must be filled with spam spam here. spam there. spam meeeeeee.
  2. Xex

    Gym Life

    Appeal declined
  3. lets just say ive been busy this november
  4. I haven't been on roat for a bit, *cough cough* its not bc im tgs kyle or anything. anything interesting happened on roat lately?
  6. bless you, im not on this list.
  7. i wanna hold you when i'm not supposed @Gretar
  8. >be me >wants to become SS, but cant because staff thinks im autistic >decide to go full tard >use vpn software that enables me to appear as if I live in a specific location that I don't on a virtual console >beginOperationSS.jpg >go to login screen of roat >think of login name. what would be the most tard name to pick? >i want to get ss... To Get SS... TGS, that's it! But what about another name to draw suspicion away? Something those arabs would never suspect... the Vpn is set to north america so I think of the most white name in existence... John? Billy? No, Kyle >input name, TGS Kyle. Name isn't taken, immediately logged in. >Steponecompleted.jpg >It's 2017, I make long post on forums about how I'm not going to play roat that much anymore because of college, everyone believes it >hhhhhh.jpg >Make forum post introducing myself to roat as TGS kyle, these suckers are eating it up. Yoobs, and Jblind welcomed me, extra points >abuse.jpg >Playing roat consistently, keep hearing about SS applications, I play it cool and act as if I don't care. >befriend all staff on roat >Steptwocompleted.jpg >chatting it up with the head honcho gretar. he asks me what TGS means >fuckingHeartRacing.jpg >quickly thinks of something > canthtinkstraight.jpg >looks at yell chat, players are flaming each other saying "gang gang, squad." >literal retards, but I must work with what I have. team, gang, squad > TGS = Team Gank Squad >send him message "It stands for Team Gank Squad" >mistyped gang, FUCKFUCKFUCK.JPG > HE LIKES IT. can't make this shit up > closeCall.jpg >play roat on and off for a while. no one suspects its me, not even admins >after playing for two years i see SS applications again. >I played consistently this month so they must've noticed me > send application >get accepted three days ago >XexIsBack.jpg pic related @Gretar @JBLIND @Fruitiest @Killbob @Yoobs @Same Sea @Tupac
  9. Xex


    You'll have to kill me b4 i remove this
  10. Xex


    i am so fucking mad rn, like a7es listen.. listen listen listen listen a7es. Listen calm yourselves and listen to this pelase. i wake up. i go and drink my favorite arabic tea and then i has walk out of the middle east and guess what the fuck i see when i log onto roatpkz??????? I am so fucking mad like look at this shit JUST LOOK! THERE'S NO SKELETONS?? NO CALCIUM? NO SUPPORT? OMG @Gretar PLEASE a7e please asevenE, lessten. I'M SO MAD I COULD JUST RWT RN like srsly. where's jumper 22 when you need him? please just ban me like serisouyly why should i play this game when there's no skeletons? WHERE WILL I GET MY CALCIUM FROM NOW??? omg omg omg omg omg, im freking out. we need ss, omg omg omg. how am i possible become ss if there is no motivationt o play this game? like when will u update the game gretar? no updates since 1 day ago lmfao dead rsps like srs srs! Just ask my nigga @Tupac this ngiga deserves a mod on forums i swear it. killbob deserves owner rank. i deserve ss rank. @Gretar ILOVE YOU A7E BUT SERIOSUELY. I AM TRIED OF THIS BULLCRAPPES. NO MORE RSPS omg ples.
  11. we all know who is going to become ss, dw guys
  12. make more posts please
  13. My name is tim, and I'mnot gonna subt o ur channel but can u let me inonthe giveaway please? also @Gretar are you rfucking serios, cant you just like... make the items noted. who thef frick coded this loot box thng lmfao??? btw nice video, i enjoyed it for some reason.
  14. K0ntv0cht had said something in his previous post that intrigued me. I wasn't aware that gretar had a step daughter! So I looked into and discovered something entirly new. Gretar is a real world trader. You heared it hear first folks. thank you for hering me out. thots on this ???? i realy ned to know
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