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Revenants Tutorial & Guide!


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Hello everyone, Welcome to my Guide and hopefully this will help you build a decent bank on RoatPkz.


For donator ranks only you can use a better spot for Revenant locations. At ::Dzone


To begin your Revenant hunting journey Run to North of the Donator Zone.


To enter you must be at least level 90!



This is the Regular Donator cave.


Cave Entrance 2. Is only for Super Donator+



Cave Entrance number 3. In only for Extreme Donator+



Cave Entrance number 3. Is only for Legendary Donator with highly great benefits you can check at ::Donate In-Game.



To avoid being damaged by the Revenants you must wield a Bracelet of Ethereum which can cost from 600-1000 PK Points.


Bracelet of Ethereum requires any amount of Revenant Ether to work.


Best options to grind at Revenants are:

1- Viggora's Chainmace (u)

Requires 1000x Revenant Ether minimum for use.

Click on the Revenant Ether & Merge it with the Chainmace.

Screenshot_3.png.78ef8282e5c20430c34a5d311dcc8b15.png Screenshot_2.png.acff75cfb94f6ac24783e6bc8f869cb1.png

Price range for Chainmace is from 100K - 120K PK Point.

Price range for Revenant Ether is from 300-400 (PER 100 Ether) PK Point.


2- Craw's Bow (u)

Requires 1000x Revenant Ether minimum for use.

Click on the Revenant Ether & Merge it with the Bow.

Screenshot_4.png.73bcac83d938715ee3c06f7e92e05f84.png Screenshot_2.png.acff75cfb94f6ac24783e6bc8f869cb1.png

Craw's Bow price ranges from 100K - 120K PK Point.


Toxic Blowpipe (Empty)


Price ranges from 40-50K PK Point.

It requires a specific amount of Zulrah's Scales (Can be obtained from ::Zulrah's Boss or purchased from the players or ::TP & Mazchna 'PKP Shop')


Also Requires bunch of Dragon darts or any other spawnable darts (Rune Recommended).


Use Scales & Darts on the Toxic Blowpipe to get the engine running.


I highly Recommend using Salve Amulet (ei) while going Revenant hunting, It contains very helpful bonuses.


You can use better supplies depending on your Networth

Such as:

Stamina Potion - Will increase your running incase you trying to escape from PKers.

Anglerfish -  is the best food in the server, Can increase your HP up to 120.

Cooked Karambwan - is for your eating combo (Right after clicking on main food it will speed things up for you to safety)

Note you can also make a Food combo with Anglerfish/Dark crab to Karambwan & Saradomin Brew's as the finisher.

Universal teleport will help you teleport from Level 30 instantly unless you are Teleblocked!

(Can also use amulet of Glory) Make sure to always bring that with you or you can't teleport until Level 20 from Wilderness.

Dragonstone Dragon Bolts (e) are the best Bolts in game for your Crossbow's.


You can also find the Looting Bag in Bounty Hunter Store, Which is located at ::Shops!

This can gather your items without risking having little food.

Make sure to UNPACK everytime you go to Restock in your bank!



Make sure not to bring RISK at all to the wilderness because of PVMer's Hunters are everywhere!


All of the items above can be found at these Locations!


Trade Mazchna (PK Point Shop)




Click " Search Item "



BHP Store

Trade with the Emblem Trader



Find the cheaper item before purchasing.

For example, Click Best Price Only on top left




Trade Krystilia for Slayer Point items worth.





If you are a beginner and have no clue what to wear or where to find Revenants for no requirement of Donator Ranks, Please follow these steps carefully...

You could die at wilderness with all of your loots and Players won't refund you any of that so you need to know exactly what you are doing.

For your safety don't keep hold of your loots for too long, make sure to restock every once in a while.


Lets get started!

To begin your Revenants hunting journey type ::Revs In-game.

Click Yes to procced if you wish.

Then enter the Cavern



This is how the Cave would seem like from the inside once you're entered.

Entrance A



There are specific areas in the Cave where you can find Revenant NPC to Kill.

Follow the the X mark to find your fellow Revenants.

You can start from either Dots, Plan A & B

Stay tuned I'll show you the entrance of Plan B



Avoid the Pillars they require ton of Agility Levels unless you wanna improve your escape routes and be hard to touch. I Recommend that you train agility up to Level 89. (It's only about 13-15 Hours from 1-99 without even Double EXP Scrolls!






Entrance B requires you to teleport to ::Chins and Run from there to slightly West of North



You will find this Cavern, And make sure to Enter before the Green Dragons kick your ass Newbie ;)



This is how the Cave would seem from the inside usually quiet but more often crowded and harassed by Clans.

So be careful and fully aware of your steps all the time.



Here are some life evidence of the Revenants.

If you can't afford the Bracelet of Ethereum, You need to use Mage , Range , Melee Protection from the NPC.







The Emblem Trader Appears randomly at the Revenant Cave anytime , Any place.

You gotta search for him if by any luck you received any sort of Emblems from Killing the Revenants. (Or you can sell to Players for Cheaper rates, That's up to you)





Spawnable Gears that I recommend for you my dear friend

As Main:



As Pure:


You can obviously have more Saradomin Brew's and Sanfew Serum, That's totally optional and up to you :)


This is how you spawn stuff


And put in the item name you wish to spawn for example; Armadyl godsword


Incase you don't have time to keep Respawning all the items constantly, It's easier if you just use our Saving / Loading Kit method.

Find an empty Kit

Click on it

Create the kit you want to save.

And kaboom!

HIGHLIGHT: You can also Donate for more Slots by just writing ::Donate In-game and putting your Credit Card number in :)





Load whenever you want to try Revenants again and make sure not to give up! ;)



To view the Drop Rates of Revenants and know what to expect write in ::Droptable


Make sure to press on " My Rates " left on top. That gives you specific rates according to your current Donator Rank!




I hope that you enjoyed your time viewing this guide and please make sure to direct your friends or any new players to this GUIDE.

Thanks for your time and have a very blessed day & GoodLuck!

Your best regards from,














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On 11/20/2021 at 8:12 PM, Boney Money said:

Nice work 🤝


On 11/21/2021 at 2:36 AM, 1 slap said:

Lol nice


On 11/21/2021 at 7:40 AM, Im Brad said:

Well done mate, can see a lot of effort has been put into this - very clear and straight to the point. 



On 11/21/2021 at 9:02 PM, Ex0tic said:

Amazing guide, really helpful and detailed 🤝

Yours sincerely, Ex0tic


On 11/21/2021 at 10:07 PM, Niye said:

nice guide it will help many ppl :D



On 11/21/2021 at 11:49 PM, killer 999 said:

!!! groot

g r e a t  t o p i c  b r o ! v e r r y  u s e f u l l  f o r  n e w  p l a y e r s!


Thanks to everyone. Let me know what I should do next :)

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