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Slayer, on RoatPkz, is considered to be the most challenging skill to achieve level 99.

On RoatPkz, the average slayer XP rate is 187,500 XP per hour, meaning the time required to reach level 99 is approximately 70 hours. It's important to note that these average rates do not factor in specific task sets that can further boost your XP per hour, nor do they consider the use of double XP scrolls.

In a separate advanced slayer guide, I will cover the fastest possible method to maximize your slayer XP.

Another challenge is the inability to train slayer in the AFK skilling area. However, this doesn't mean you can't earn AFK slayer XP.

By following this guide, you will gain passive XP and PKP. 

What Task's you can AFK

Not all tasks are possible to AFK. Some monsters are not aggressive, others hit too hard, and some you have to maintain prayer to efficiently afk. However, many tasks on RoatPkz are possible to complete AFK. 

Here Are the tasks that you can AFK:


Black Demons are by far the best task to AFK for XP. If you have extra slayer points to use for skips, it is worth skipping for this task. 

Make sure to unlock the following extensions to increase your AFK task length:


Tasks you can't AFK

These tasks are not possible to AFK.



To AFK slayer you will need gear that automatically heals you, you can use blood barrage, or a sanguinesti staff. The other goal with these kits is to reduce your combat level to lower the chances PKers will be able to attack you.

1. Beginner Kit. This kit contains all spawnable gear. Your HP level can be increased depending on the task. Some tasks, like Black Demons, I will increase my HP level. 


The armor is blood bark, the shield is a broodoo shield, and the ring is a beacon ring. You must use anicent staff to auto cast blood barrage to get the healing effects of the spell and armour.

2. Advanced Kit. This kit contains several upgrades as well as allowing you to lower your combat level even further. The Sanguinesti staff is better than blood barrage as it hits harder, but it does not heal as much. Due to it not healing as much as blood barrage, it is more necessary to change your HP level depending on task. For Black Demon, Greater Demon, and Hellhound tasks, I suggest raising your HP to 99. 

It isn't possible to skull while the Sanguinesti staff is equipped, so don't worry about using an occult or tormented bracelet.


How to AFK 

To AFK, turn on auto-retaliate, spawn to your task, and stand in a position where 1 to 2 monsters are attacking you at a time. Once you get a few of the monsters aggro'd to you, as they respawn they will automatically attack you again.

I've gotten Black Demon tasks of 200+ and successfully AFK'd for over an hour using this method.


The main benefit of this this method is easy slayer XP. You can play on a second account, watch videos, or play another game while you grind out 99 slayer.



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Nice guide. Could also use blood fury for heals (OP)  [nvm only works with melee], and regen bracelet might help, not sure if it's effect works. Initiate armor instead of mithril (I know you're not using prayer in this set-up, but in-case you wanted to, they're the same bonus' apart from initiate's prayer bonus). Also good time to remind @Gretar to fix burst/barrage so it hits multiple NPCs in multi at once!

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