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    Roat Pkz Updates! Hello fellow Roat Pkz Players, today I have some exciting updates that we've been working hard on for the past months. We now have a fully working achievement system with great rewards! Achievements You can find all of the Achievement inside the quest tab. There you will see a list of your favourite achievements and you can also open the main achievement interface from there. Achievement Interface The achievement interface has everything in it, PvP, PvM, Skilling and Misc achievements. We have around 80 achievement categories, each holding an average of 12 achievements. You can scroll through the achievements using the arrows on the achievement interface. Big Thanks to @Fantastic for setting up all the rewards! Do my previous pvp/pvm kills count? No, every achievement (apart from Skilling levels/xp) starts from scratch, there are a few reasons for this. First of all we can't afford to dump 9 years of achievement rewards in-game in one day, that'd fuck up the eco a bit. Also this achievement system uses very advanced anti-farm features to make sure people don't cheat the system, we haven't had that before for normal kills. So everyone is starting from scratch! Trading Post Average Price The trading post will now show the average SELL price of an item for the past 30 days. This will give players a better idea of the real item price if the price estimate hasn't been changed. Other Updates: - Yell-tags are now in tradeable ticket form. Thanks for reading and a lot more in the works!
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    now i spam @ everyone so they all see my achievement GIVING AWAY 100 SLAYER KEYS LIKE POST COMMENT A NUMBER OK TY @Yoeriwada @Hefner @Xex @Dylalina @Killbob @Fantastic @Khalil @chelle @Persona @3AT 99 ALL @Gretar @Smackd @A team @a pixel v1 @king hoof m8 @Aelin
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    Title says it all so enjoy Total - 789.750 PKP 1.6K AVG pr. kill Sadly no Divine or pet All this is with 35% Legendary rank bonus (No vote bonus).
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    Roat Pkz Clan Cup #6 The sixth Roat Pkz Clan Cup will be 2v2 Single Fights. That means 2 members per clan and you're never fighting more than 1 clan at a time (hence 2v2). The Clan Cup will have a bracket based system (example of bracket system) and each round will have up to 3 fights, first clan to win 2 battles goes through the next round. After every round clan members can re-stock and prepare for the next fight. The Clan Cup will also be live streamed on YouTube with hosts that are knowledgeable with tribridding & clan fights and will be commentating over the fights. Rewards 1. 600M OSRS + In-Game Statue 2. 250M OSRS 3. 100M OSRS 4. 50M OSRS Tournament Date Sunday 26. January - 19:00 Server Time | Full Tournament (Server Time is GMT) Tournament Location Every clan will be teleported into their own Wilderness instance, each clan will start where the red dots are and the fog will slowly force players in the middle where the green dot is. No NPC's will be available. The Rules 1. You must follow the Roat Pkz Official Rules (No DDOSing). 2. There can only be one entry per person (computer). ITEM CAPS Example Gear! (only 23,000 PKP) Items Allowed: Helm: Helm of neitiznot Cape: Any Mage Arena Cape (imbued ones also allowed) Amulet: Amulet of fury Bolts: Opal dragon bolts (e) Staff: Staff of Light Shield: Blessed Spirit Shield Chest: Mystic robe top (any color) & Karil's robe top Legs: Mystic robe bottoms (any color) & Verac's plateskirt Gloves: Barrows gloves Boots: Dragon Boots Ring: Seers ring (i) Special Weapon: Armadyl Godsword Runes: Rune Pouch Brew cap: Max 5 Saradomin Brews FAQ How do I enter the tournament? You can sign your clan up at ::clancup in-game 1 week before the tournament. Will items be supplied like Tournaments? No, we will not supply items for this tournament , you will have to use your own items to participate. (If you need help making money as a clan please contact Jordan#3961 on Discord) Will I lose items in the tournament? No, you will not lose any items you bring to the tournament, they will all be kept on death. I have a clan with more than 2 people can I still enter? Sure you can, but there can only be a max of 2 people per clan entry, so if you have a huge clan you'll have to split up into groups, there is no guarantee that you will not face each other. Will Rigour & Augury Prayers be disabled? RIGOUR AND AUGURY PRAYERS WILL BE ENABLED FOR EVERYONE! How will you make sure that people don't cheat? Since the tournament will be automatic the server will make sure that the rounds can not start unless everyone is following all item cap rules. I am moving a clan over from a new server/osrs, how do I start on Roat? Every clan is welcome to Roat Pkz and we would be happy to help you out, please message Jordan#3961 on Discord and he will help get you started & give you tips & answers to all of your questions. Can staff members see my IP? No, Roat Pkz Staff members (Admins & Mods) can not see your IP addresses or mac. Any other questions or suggestions? Please post any other questions or suggestions you have below.
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    I hope everyone has a good 2020
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    So I decided to do a little Mystery Box opening with the following Mystery Boxes of: x 500 x 250 x 250 x 250 x 500 x 250 x 100 This is how it went. Enjoy. Vote MBoxes Nothing special from 500 Vote Mystery Boxes - Total loot 138.825 PKP Regular MBoxes 250 Regular Mystery Boxes, too bad we didn't get an Angel Cape - Total Loot 1.393.800 PKP Super Mboxes Angel Cape within the first inventory of Super Mystery Boxes. Pretty decent imo - Total Loot 3.915.000 PKP Extreme MBoxes Yes, I know. 500 Extreme Mystery Boxes, too bad we didn't get the Scythe - Total Loot 15.738.000 PKP Pet MBoxes Only opened a 100, since Pet Mystery Boxes are pretty boring - Total Loot 9.360.000 PKP And last but not least! Legendary Mystery Boxes! That's right, we got ourselves a Twisted Bow within the first 150 Legendary Boxes And this is the rest of the loot. Total Loot 21.060.000 PKP All in all, not too bad:)
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    Clip Dump. 50K GIVEAWAY. Just Like, Comment and Sub to have a chance.
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    Haven't posted some feedback in a while. December is too long ago and the end of January isn't here yet so I decided to create my own topic. This thread contains staff feedback aswell as server feedback.  Owner Gretar - Playtime: NaN Gretar is still making Roatpkz greatar. I love to see howmuch he actually cares about what's happening to his game. No updates are being pushed and are done really well. Asks for feedback sometimes which can get him to better results or new idea's. Smart man. Global Admin(s) Smackd - Playtime: 6 Hours (+16 AFK) Haven't seen you but I'm sure you're doing well Administrator(s) Legend - Playtime: NaN Fantastic Cx - Playtime: 85 Hours (+133 Hours AFK) You're still doing a great job. A late thanks for hosting the December events, I loved it! JBLIND - Playtime: 4 Hours (+5 Hours AFK) Haven't seen you in-game but I'm sure you're doing well. I love your forum activity, keep it up! Player Moderator PK Guy - Playtime: 4 Hours (+3 Hours AFK) Haven't seen you but I'm sure you're doing well Rag Bot V1 - Playtime: 49 Hours (+33 Hours AFK) Rag Bot has been part of the community for a long time now, but have I ever seen him saying or doing stupid things? Nah. Gied4Life - Playtime: 56 Hours (+56 Hours AFK) I don't see Gied online too often, could be timeszones. When I do hear from him it's positive. He just brings in a chill vibe and assists where he can. A Pixel - Playtime: 29 Hours (+24 Hours AFK) Pixel, you're such a great guy so I just hope to see you more often. Server Support(s) PM2GETBODIED - Playtime: 96 Hours (+77 Hours AFK) idk you but that's probably my fault since you've almost played 100 hours last month. Supremium - Playtime: 30 Hours (+20 Hours AFK) Haven't (really) seen you, could be timezones so can't make up any feedback for you. Sorry. Fruitiest - Playtime: 70 Hours (+26 Hours AFK) Fruitiest is a lovely guy, and has always been. Goat - Playtime: 167 Hours (+120 Hours AFK) Doing pretty well I think. See him online often although we don't really get to know eachother. I do see him assist Roatpkz a lot though. Tgs Kyle - Playtime: 85 Hours (+32 Hours AFK) Haven't (really) seen you, could be timezones so can't make up any feedback for you. Sorry. Chelle - Playtime: 66 Hours (+15 Hours AFK) Haven't (really) seen you, could be timezones so can't make up any feedback for you. Sorry. Teairn - Playtime: 34 Hours (+22 Hours AFK) Haven't (really) seen you, could be timezones so can't make up any feedback for you. Sorry. Server Feedback I absolutely loved the Christmas events. There wasn't really something very special but simple things can bring the community a bit together. The achievement update is lovely, I've been waiting for this! Very well done. Overall I think Roatpkz is doing very well recently. Over 400 players online at peak time, I think that says enough.
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    @Xex @Killbob @Persona @Bailey Jay @Dylalina @3AT 99 ALL
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    Reportedly, Iran said they will not launch any missiles provided the US doesn't retaliate; latest reports state 4 of 15 missiles failed in flight and the remaining 11 resulted in 0 US casualties - having been tracked by base radar allowing personnel to make it to cover. That's all to be taken with a pinch of salt. Hopefully, the US tries to deescalate. update: We shall see what the orange man has to say tomorrow.
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    like, comment and subscribe for a chance of winning 500K -
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    Last Staff feedback of 2019! Hello fellow members of the RoatPkz community. The members of the RoatPkz Staff Team would appreciate constructive criticism, preferably in-depth, as well as opinions on their contributions as a member of the staff team from the player's perspective. This will be a monthly announcement topic in order to stay up to date. Please ensure that you are being honest in your input, as this is to help the staff team provide better service and assistance to the members of the RoatPkz community. The current staff team list, are listed below for convenience. Note: Playtime is from the last 30 days. Owner Gretar - Playtime: NaN Global Admin(s) Smackd - Playtime: 6 Hours (+16 AFK) Administrator(s) Legend - Playtime: NaN Fantastic Cx - Playtime: 85 Hours (+133 Hours AFK) JBLIND - Playtime: 4 Hours (+5 Hours AFK) Player Moderator PK Guy - Playtime: 4 Hours (+3 Hours AFK) Rag Bot V1 - Playtime: 49 Hours (+33 Hours AFK) Gied4Life - Playtime: 56 Hours (+56 Hours AFK) A Pixel - Playtime: 29 Hours (+24 Hours AFK) Server Support(s) PM2GETBODIED - Playtime: 96 Hours (+77 Hours AFK) Supremium - Playtime: 30 Hours (+20 Hours AFK) Fruitiest - Playtime: 70 Hours (+26 Hours AFK) Goat - Playtime: 167 Hours (+120 Hours AFK) Tgs Kyle - Playtime: 85 Hours (+32 Hours AFK) Chelle - Playtime: 66 Hours (+15 Hours AFK) Teairn - Playtime: 34 Hours (+22 Hours AFK) ___ We are still looking for potential Server-Supports, be sure to apply if you haven't already! We are mainly looking for people that enjoy playing as well as helping others, playtime of 50+ hours monthly is required, if you're unsure if you have those hours don't worry, just post an application and we'll double check it. To read more, please click HERE! Please note that all feedback should be honest and constructive criticism. All negative and inappropriate comments such as trolling, spam, or unnecessary flame, will be removed without hesitation. Suggestions for current staff members, and even suggestions for potentially new staff members are welcome, but must have valid, well explained reasons alongside the suggestion. ~ Roat Pkz Staff Team
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    It happens on osrs too? Games mechanics. If you have an issue w it, take it up with Jagex.
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    3 Clans merged together to fight the undisputed kings of the wilderness. Just means more kills for us. This was all in 30 minutes(today).. EXPECT MORE Solidtag Leader Dead On A Half This Dumb Ragger Still Doesnt Know The Multi Lines In 2020? Leader number 2 running into multi after tanking for 2 mins knewing he'd die: New Solidtag Recruit 'Playnunez' KICKED AFTER HE DIED ON HIS FIRST TRIP V2 Dbower Spec Prod Dead For 15K @Hamza @Adam GET UR DOGS IN CHECK BONUS: RATGANG LEADER LOSING 1M PKP POINTS NH STAKE TO MONGOLIANS GOON ABSOL505 STAY TUNED! IF U HAVENT SEEN IT ALREADY CHECK PK VID 3 PK VID 4 COMING SOON FT ADAMZOR DEAD
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    If im using hella minor flame towards Goat(Server Support, and he tells me "Could just mute you for flaming which I am allowed to do" https://prnt.sc/qleiml Then let's be real that's blackmail lol. Nigga knows he can mute me for flaming him in PM and in yell chat for being abusive towards users but he does not mute me? Instead he replies with could just mute you for flaming which I am allowed to do, as stated above. So he knows if he mutes me I will only continue to flame him and point out his fuckups in public chat because every staff so far has hated when a player points out their fuck ups in public chats and resort to low life methods. So he uses his ability to mute as a persuasion tool to get me to stop flaming him lol. Nothing will happen to Goat I just thought it was kind of funny he resorting to blackmail to get someone to stop flaming him. That's kind of funny to me tbh. Really shows the progression of staff on RPKZ (He can mute me but does not choose to and threatens mutes to get people to stop pointing his fuckups in yell chat or other public chats.) Love you Gretar but your too big hearted and can't or don't have the balls to demote someone out of fear said staff member will take his/her friends with them somewhere else. Any normal server owner would have sent every single staff member on here packing the 2nd time they got caught slipping.
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    Looks like you got morrigans axed
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    dude... you were missing the f2p tournament! i hope you tele'd ::home and joined:/
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    Blackmailing would be like, if he caught you attempting to rwt and forcing you to watch him have sex with your sister (not saying he doesn’t already sleep with her) to avoid him reporting you to the higher ups. Him saying you can’t flame or it’s a mute isn’t blackmail wtf if you flame staff members it’s obviously a mute That’s like if a cop said “don’t break the law or I’ll have to arrest you” and saying it’s blackmail
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    Actually tired of people who want to see war, y'all some lowlife scums
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    It's like that on purpose to create a perfect bracket for the next round, perfect bracket meaning 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 players.
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    Back to when you joined the server and made a vet request 2 weeks after you made ur acc
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    Hey everyone im selling my Gorillas tab I currently have x23 amulet of tortures x13 ring of sufferings x16 Necklace of anguishes x19 tormented bracelets x5 Light ballista x3 Heavy ballista pm me offers in game - Pking Decent Thanks Also 9.7k Dragon javelins
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    let me just say... the staff on this server are just AMA-ZING! I say Zing because this is the punchline to my joke.
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    Yup bro all this forums is yours and you know where to stuff it, so don't try to grab my attention next time cause you wont get it , go play with your friends immediately.
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    I'm gonna have to overrule this based on the clean clicks i'd give it a solid 9.5, and the pre planned control c+v? That's an italian kiss of pure spreading of hatred.
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    Hello Fellow Players, I would like to Thank everyone that has been involved in my Roatpkz Journey, It was kind of a hella Road with lots of love been shared and however conflicts and complex that had to happen during my way out Whatsoever, I am so grateful for everything in this phase of my life and everything that has happened for a bigger cause or reasons. But however nonetheless there has been many friends and connections around that taught me lots of things from different areas and perspectives, I am really so grateful for whatever has happened because I believe there's something bigger than us are always about to happen anytime soon which requires me being in this Phase and Roatpkz Journey for the best outcome, It's really important to get through this and I hope you all are enjoying your times with the blessings of Gretar, The one of greatest creators in this generations History, He is the real deal, I hope y'all show some respect and gratitude for his hard work and long term efforts! Special thanks to him and his Crew who always been taking care of this server from the bottom of heart, They deserve some credit too, well At least most of them , Everything is alright and Will be better within the time just take care and be patience for what you deserve, Your times will Come as well, Hopefully with Gods permission!.. Keep your heads up no matter what. Special thanks to my Friends and People around me who had an impact on my life starting from a person that is named Sander, Which is usernames currently called [ @Heat ], I respect this G, Uhm @Persona was a standup Dude that I really liked and enjoyed talking to even though he didn't show much respect but guess he was a Cold Mfer, respect and cheer up Sir! ,The @goat is really a nice guy and you should look up to! His very important in this Journey , Always been And Always Will, God Bless sir!. and like usual tell your noisy little nephew cutie I said Hi. [ NiGGa LiPs , @Shootin star , @notcoolbro , @YAYA toure, @[email protected] streaking , @Noodle bean , @Lehe X D , @Dark Core, @fanboyeee, [Say Bye To Fewb BTW], @Supervaras, @shinobedrill [ Reach out to him if possible and say Hi , Thanks for everything] , @[email protected] king, @Gretar & The freed @Sly, @instajoshi69God bless you, @HASHAM V2Respect to you my nigga, RESPECT! blessings on your ways AMEN!, My brother @Misanthropic, The Legendary Davidoff @Ban152 Gracias Amigo, @FenomBeen ages I hope that you still remember me :l , @SneakRfor whatever you did, mostly being kind is enough sir! gracias for all, @Dark man [email protected] man dk Goodluck homie, rest well, @JesusChrist on you, @kingpakiwhatever bro, @SuorTake care of your wet pussi m8 cuz u never wot, @PontusMan of the hour!, respekt to y'all mfers,.. @UngratefulWell you should be sometimes, watch and learn wussi!, @1 slapDat ass broski!, @friendly catWho let the dogs out? , @king mahanLegend! .. @soul graver , very touchy. , @Fruitest suck some strawberries to chill, @OP SHACKO You are someone who I would be proud calling a friend, Friend! , @SmackdJblindsAss! , @Fantasticsex, . Whoever else been a part of this trip, It was morely fun and respect to everyone who I has mentioned and to the others who I didn't, for what it's worth, I had some really great times and it was because of who you are my friends, Thanks for your time and everything we had been through, Things will be better and keep your heads up, so grateful for this moment! Take good care of yourselves! Peace and Goodluck to the Rest Of Your Ways... Till Next Time, Sincere Regards from ~ Chef
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    stop boosting ur forum acc u noob
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    Hi there, This brings back memories from the past, I used to smash private servers back in the day, in fact was a part of the staff team of a very successful private server years ago. I've recently begun to play runescape again but found myself just staking and definitely find enjoyment on private servers, this being the first one I've chosen and after day 2 the fact I've set up a forum account means I've found home. The names Brad, I'm 23 from Essex. In-game name is Im Brad. Love a good chat and most importantly PvP. See you all in-game
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    Never Thought I'd Be Doing This Again, Hope Yall Enjoy This One! My Next Video's Will Be Much Better!
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    I'll make a part 2 soon
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    i have 15k+ kills on my accounts and 1000s of boss kills, think about how many others have that many. would be way too many pkp flooding eco all of a sudden i agree on adding boss kc hiscores. would let pvmers compete more
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    imagine wasting this much time on nothing - funny guy
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    To put it simply, could we get an actual functioning map of the game that details where bosses are, skilling locations, islands ,etc?Majority of other servers have it and its a good tool for new players to get around to help understand the game. Yours sincerely, EX0TIC
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    Donator dungeons that give access to wilderness monsters like revs kill existing rev caves and take away the element of rev caves being an action packed area full of pvmers/pkers. donator dungeons can exist solely for boosting skilling methods for each tier donor, the higher having the best one. Although donor dungeons are 'wildy zones' but it just adds too many locations and disperses players about
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    a hell of a lot of kills for no divi :/. feelsbadman.
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    thats a first post that made me gigle irl! thanks a7e u made me evening special
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    And thats a pk cooldown. Marry xmas!
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