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  1. Unfortunately I wasn't in the position to be as active so this month I'm just giving a heads up to all staff members of RoatPkz, keep it up lads ❤️

    RoatPkz had some serious glow ups lately. Me and the players have had a great time so hopefully it motivates y'all to be even more involved within the community.

  2. On 9/28/2022 at 2:16 PM, iceberg slim said:

    i only agree with this in the way that some people put over priced items in the tp as a scam

    for example a bgs that is 2500pkp theyll put in for 250k pkp to try and catch someone. somethin should be done about that


    20 hours ago, Garrix said:

    chef i support your crusades i just want you to know that i almost got finessed while speed-buying misc items in tp

    the only reason i didn't get smoked and buy x amount of bolt tips for some absurd price was because my stack was not stacked to the ceilings and i wasn't balling like that

    if i did clean myself on bolt tips, thats honestly ggs bc i didn't take the time to look close enough at pricing

    what u focus on becomes ur reality

    you can't fix stupid take it from me stay above the trickery


    I understand the misleading attempts from some players, it's really childish but it's just how it works. Same as trading. If you're stupid enough to not look at your second trade screen it's still not 'your fault' but you've had the chance to take a second look at it before pressing accept. Same for items in the trading post; when you click buy you have to click a second dialogue to actually buy the item(s).

    I see how others can fuck you and yes it's childish but it's just the way it works. Hard to tackle and noot really a scam either. Players can just use the excuse of wanting to sell certain items for a way higher price, which is their choise and nowhere near a scam. 

  3. Well that's what we call an economy in the game industry. It's a mix of supply & demand with a whiff stubbornness from players who have no economical background. That's how an economy in a game works. There are also dozens of people in OSRS trying to sell a chisel for 2000M. It's nothing illegal in in fact nothing weird. It's just how brains of humans work. 


    If you think an item is too expensive just have patient and be alert on what's going on in the trading post, maybe set out a buying thread on forums/Discord or pay the price that is currently the least that people are selling it for. If you're not sure about prices you can just click an item in the TP and see the average sell-price of the last 30 days including the amount traded through trading post during that period. 


    People can sell or buy items for whatever price they think it's worth. If I want to sell my car irl for 100K nobody is going to stop me from trying to sell it on Facebook market whilest it's only worth a quarter of that. People will just laugh at it, move on and if they want that type of car they search for a cheaper one, have patient or buy something else. On top of that, prices change constatly (as a result of supply & demand) in the RSPS and Runescape scene. It's how it works, how it has always been and always be.


    Look at dragon claws the past few months on OSRS for example:


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     @Gretar - Playtime: NaN 

    In all honesty Gretar has had his better moments and less good moments. A while back I wrote about him not being involved into the community. No words from him, nothing to share, no worthy updates. But last update has absolutely blown my mind, how fantastic. Also here and there I feel him being more connected to the community and has given some responsibility (in form of communication) to his staff members which is great and better for all of us.

     Senior Admin(s)
    @Smackd - Playtime: 43 Hours (+62 AFK)

    Didn't really see him since I've became a bit more active again, however I don't doubt his qualities.

    @rag bot v1 - Playtime: 9 Hours (+20 Hours AFK)

    Why ban @joirk 2? Glll king unban gll max cape? plzzz #FreeJoirk

     Community Manager(s)
    @Baz - Playtime: 69 Hours (+51 Hours AFK)

    Baz has, in my eyes, always been an added value to the Roat Pkz team. However lately I noticed that he was more involved to the community within his clan chat than the whole community. A little distand. No negative words from me, I understand that you're focussing on managing your clan chat but it's better to focus server wide with such a role and therefore I think it's a great decision from Gretar (and others?) to forbid moderators and above to actively join clans.

    @Fruitiest - Playtime: 81 Hours (+114 Hours AFK)

    Great mod in my eyes, always done good things.

    @goat - Playtime: 50 Hours (+125 Hours AFK)

    Best moderator RoatPkz ever had.

    @VALENCE - Playtime: 50 Hours (+121 Hours AFK)

    Haven't seen him much so can't say much.

    Server Support(s)
    @no name set  - Playtime: 66 Hours (+170 Hours AFK)

    Does what he has to do and what I personally expect from a server support.

    @Chui  - Playtime: 152 Hours (+38 Hours AFK)

    Plz don't become moderator so we don't have to miss you at #swab king ❤️

    @King Arturia - Playtime: 75 Hours (+21 Hours AFK)

    First part of his name says it all

    @niddy - Playtime: 68 Hours (+25 Hours AFK)

    Haven't seen him much so can't really say

    @skeleton - Playtime: 46 Hours (+26 Hours AFK)

    Haven't seen him much so can't really say

    @Fun Time - Playtime: 187 Hours (+55 Hours AFK)

    Haven't seen him much so can't really say. Might be different time zones but loooking at his played hours you would say that I should've noticed him.

    @Ex0tic - Playtime: 143 Hours (+12 Hours AFK)

    Credits to this guy

    @Sinister - Playtime: 23 Hours (+99 Hours AFK)

    Haven't seen him much so can't really say

    @OaQ - Playtime: 8 Hours (+159 Hours AFK)

    wya bro :( 

    @Grabauskas - Playtime: 79 Hours (+44 Hours AFK)

    It's waiting for him to become a moderator, mark my words. It's a matter of time :) 

    @misslayer - Playtime: 220 Hours (+52 Hours AFK)

    Yes, just yes.

    @Necrofear pb- Playtime: 147 Hours (+18 Hours AFK)

    Good server support, cherish that.

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