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  1. I highly suggest that you slowly don't start playing again, Too much drama on this rsps I don't recommend it
  2. It is what it is, It's time to grind harder!
  3. Nice video, This makes me wanna do the boxes collectionlog But it's expensive af
  4. Sinister - Playtime: 58 Hours (+135 Hours AFK) useless and doesnt help always toxic and fighting over yell I suggest myself to the server support team because I know alot about the game unlike some of the server supporters out there who have no clue and no experience, I can easily answer any questions correctly and guide players toward getting their assistance, I enjoy the game so much it gives me chills, and love to start from scratch never given up, I can fill other empty spots to begin to help others
  5. Might take up to a day if account support didn't respond. Try to spam their pms.
  6. No there's already many pets ingame
  7. If you haven't made a ticket already, make one or pm legend in discord DM
  8. It's actually good pvming spot! I heard you can make good pkp with double drops etc! JUSt like revenants but with better drops it's not supposed to be any bigger than that
  9. Dying is bad It should be a safe zone so you don't die for 300k lot which you have gotten lucky at first to collect that, and the next hour you might not get as lucky. so the pker benefited and the pvmer got set back for hours, no thanks idk what's all the fuss about pking so much with max, there's many spots in wildy you can fight 1 vs 1 unless u cant pk at all and working a pvmer out, meanwhile pvming can be another method to make 40m bank + if there wasnt pkers to interrupt or at nex like you barely have a gear to pvm nex and his hits are already working u out then a guy comes with special attack and gives u a hard time, i think it would be better for everyone if all pvming spots are in safe zone and pking are separate from pvming.
  10. The truth is we are fucked, Server is mostly biased on pking and less on pvming so there's no balance at all, I wish someday we could have some space to pvm without getting annoyed by pkers because its part of the server as well and pvming is fun, not everyone has bank and can pk whenever he wants, pvming is a good way to rebuild and work on your account.
  11. #Skilling services Dm for business Discord: ch.ef. 1 skill of your choice excluding slayer - 750k each slayer - 1,250k only one skill at a time if you dont wanna train i can do it for you Previous work:
  12. Easiest way to recover an account is to go discord then to creating a ticket and after that fill the correct format. second thing you have to do is get online and type ::account-recovery and put the code you receive in the ticket (make sure only staff see's it) then wait till a staff responds.
  13. Scream is the funniest horror movie of all time, I highly recommend it
  14. Reminds me that I finished Kraken's collection log within 22 kills 🧜‍♂️
  15. all staff are guud, suggestion for staff member is me :3 im helpful and consistent and love all staff team mate ❤️
  16. Game sound track should be taken very seriously nowadays on roatpkz especially this time of the day we need to bring the childhood moments back, we need original oldschool runescape soundtrack opened on every location with different music, every new spot you unlock, comes with a new sound, the fighting in the wilderness, the whip sound, the dagger sound and everything else beyond, we want that unlocked on every single place on the map! Lets go to the modern world a bit! We want the chilling community to stay but the commonly used flaming aggressive words used today should be banned from the server, like add a new rule, with a common like the tips that automatically spread over the chat, A new rule that says read the new ::rules, which speaks about saying Nigger or being toxic at all like Retard, Or other excessive words, Should put a person in permanent mute if they come across breaking these rules with no toleration at all. Lets make the community clean and bring the oldschool runescape vibe where it didnt had this much aggression and grudge towards each other. And keep yell strictly professional for trades, help , locations etc, not for gambling and sexually harassing each other, Remember you have a business and others looking at it, What do you want them to see at the door? an invitation? or fuckers being themselves on the yell. U know what i mean. Gambling, WE SHOULD CONSIDER INTO DECREASING THE GAMBLING Community to a smaller one, Or remove it because it's infectious and making everything you do in the game is worthless because you gonna make means to make money then go gamble it over and over till you finally quit, but that made a negative impact on the rest of the community. gambling shouldn't exist, I know alot of ppl go there, But it if werent then we would have more positive community like ppl who go to grind early then keep everything they make and progress everyday. It's making daily tasks and voting so worthless, and slaying, Imagine you can make 1m off slaying aloneee!!!, Then make it nothing by gambling and losing it in completely 5 secs, When you need like over 20 hours to make it by slaying!!.. so bad to what it came to, You know the point for everything else that comes with it. EVERY bank that's made of gambling is just yuk, so disrespectful to who work hard for it, man we need an immediate action on this, then make an economy reset. If this weren't lost gambling it would be so much of a big accomplishment on roatz, It would be this pretty to be in bank, But gambling ruined everything is called accomplishments and goals track. Gambling is like a vortex everything you make it drains you from it. So cmon just remove it More coming soon.
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