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  1. 1 8 9

    buying n selling

    Try posting it on discord too
  2. Congrats if you keep an eye on discord it happens once in while
  3. Why take PKP you just take the OSGP Sell it then donate to Roat OMEGALUL
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    Your not quitting are you?
  5. Really make it more like LMS not just everyone gears up... Make it so you find loot in chests like LMS.
  6. 1 8 9


    Damn I didnt see this coming. Didn't know you for the longest time but definitely someone I really liked. Gonna miss you more then you know man. Take it easy.
  7. I believe its on the Agenda just needs to be actually done!
  8. No way to prove really, doubt you'll get a refund.
  9. Good job noob now fix keys, add to deep wildy and update staff.
  10. The 6 people who said staff are amazing are the 6 people on The staff team LUL
  11. I should of put show names so we can see how many of the staff is aMAzInG votes are staff
  12. Hello RoatPkz Community! Recently I have been seeing more and more complaints about the server wether it's the staff or the server itself and its content and development focuses. I'm curious what your guys opinions are so here are a few polls!
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