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  1. TY FOR WATCHING. LIKE SUBSCRIBE AND COMMENT IGN FOR A CHANCE TO WIN 100k. Winner will be rolled out in 7-10 days.
  2. @JBLIND Brew cap for singles keys sounds fine. I already suggested another solution that IMO is better for fixing key boxing.
  3. Welfs are boxing singles keys. When the guy picks up the key they should have auto 5k Risk def.
  4. Definitely needs no brew cap. That whale ragbot tried pidding key and died on a half instead. Since the key is worth 15k you should have at least 15k risk to pick up the key.
  5. Remove all the useless rats with under 50 hours played. Demote ragbot. Rigged NH stake for own CC members, but he still lost so w/e trash CC anyways
  6. @JAG E SV3NSK LOOOOL so apparently multi doesn't count... and single 1v1s don't count? Losing 5-1 in nh stake with your OWN personalized setup don't count? Are you a pvmer??? Loc is osrs yew logs L O L O LO L O L OL O l
  7. Yikes... Tfw you make a whole topic for a 50k kill. Needed to plant spies in our discord cus you can't compete L O L O L O L. Gj losing 5x that amount to 2 of my members.
  8. Then proceed to lose 50k nh stake to a bankstander the exact same day lmao... Bears niggas are tripping. #Rat gang
  9. @JAG E SV3NSKLmao grown ass man got time to chill with us on discord for hours and bs us for half of what we dropped you for L O LO L O LO L OL OL.
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