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  1. All staff are dogshit except gied4life who hangs around the forum. Signed, Daddy Zite
  2. tldr - 2 multi hotspots exchanged for 2 single hotspots Single pk needed a boost so I understand the reasoning for the update. However, 2 major multi warring hotspots were removed, so hopefully there will be something added for multi pk if the beta passes.
  3. High quality video. Give this man YouTuber rank. #Swab
  4. zite


    Name was probably taken already. Pick another one.
  5. Nice guide. Well done.
  6. Nah would lead to excessive ragging. Would be annoying af to constantly add people to blacklist.
  7. 10k/12.5k for AGS - anything higher would be risky imo since it would be harder for people to obtain the most popular pvp weapon in the game, especially for new players. Another alternative is to reset the existing supply of AGS in-game periodically (compensate market value) whilst keeping the same price in store. Dharoks should stay the same or only VERY slightly increased. Ppl who are edge pking go thru their dh sets very fast + the price of repairing broken ones adds up.
  8. It's the same throughout the entire wilderness. OSRS also has this anti-spec-tabbing mechanic in place.
  9. The mechanic is in place to mitigate spec tabbing from the event. The spec tb block mechanic is active throughout the entire wilderness, not exclusive to the bloodlust minigame. However, I can understand it may be frustrating if smth like this happened to you. If it persists then a simple solution would be to increase the PJ timer to correlate w/ the spec tb block timer @bloodlust. Your proposed idea, while it would solve the issue, may lead to another exploit where people could use their alt or friend to attack them thus able to escape the spec tb block since it would negate the effect immediately. This would defeat the purpose of having the mechanic in place to prevent spec tabbing.
  10. Why this man not mod yet @Gretar
  11. 2 weeks for 85 mining is overexaggerating. I've gotten 85 mining and it's nowhere near the length of time you claimed. Yes, it does take quite a bit of time, but much quicker if you use dzone/rss/wilderness as they grant you extra XP. Also, PICKAXE matters so use a Dragon Pickaxe/Infernal Pickaxe it will mine those rocks FAST. In addition, nowadays you can purchase a double XP scroll to expedite the process even further. In terms of net income generated from mining I havent done the calculation, but could possibly be reviewed and balanced in the future if you feel it's not up to part w/ other skills. Thanks for bringing this up.
  12. Yeah seen this guy at edge a lot. All he does entire day is rag people exploiting entangle and spear mechanics. Dont need this type of player in the game. Should just straight up ban this spastic to maintain integrity of edge pking @Fantastic @Smackd @JBLIND
  13. Much needed QoLs. Server is heading into the right direction. Well done.
  14. zite

    Video idea's?

    Road to 1M PKP without trading/gambling
  15. Excellent interview - very objective and honest. My 2Cents as a regular player of the server: Roat is the #1 PVP server. Over 90% of the server are pkers. Most clan activities and overall PVP dominance in edgeville/multi/single pk. There is something for everyone to do in pvp - pures/mains/nhing/brid/multi/single/etc. The server is also the most balanced PVP server I've played so far. The combat formula & pvp mechanics are spot on to make it competitive and enjoyable for players. Gretar takes feedbacks from everyone and tries his best to balance the game. When you log into the game, you are instantly guaranteed action in the wilderness b/c the server is so PVP oriented. Gretar and his contributors did a great job w/ the machination of the wilderness and pvp activities while balancing it with other aspects of the game. Yes, there are contents that need improving (pvm/skilling), but the server is spot on when it comes to PVP mechanics. This is how a true PVP server should be made. In addition, I also believe it is #1 overall from this POV - the server has been around longer than the dinosaurs - no server can claim this achievement. You can rest assured that your pixels and progress are safe unlike many cash grabs in the rsps scene that open up a few wks/mos then close and screw over their player base. Sorry for being direct, but I've seen this too far often and it gives the RSPS scene a bad reputation. People quit rsps because they are constantly getting screwed over by these blatant scammers. 2021 will be a great year for Roat Pkz as the server has very ambitious goals given recent updates that imo are very game changing. I think a lot of servers will try to emulate Roat Pkz due to its originality and uniqueness when it comes to pvp design, but the server will continue to trailblaze and push RSPS PVP to a whole new level.
  16. Sick update. Bringing Clan Cup to the next level.
  17. 1. Should hire more staff, time zone specific as needed. 2. Delegate simple stuff like accepting/declining yell tag requests to SS. 3. All staff need to be in help cc more often. 4. Staff need to answer questions on yell when they are asked so new players can better understand the game. 5. Need to enforce rules better. I see the same idiots spam yell persistently w/o any actions taken. 6. If someone is blatantly scamming like "selling 500 votes (fake pkp) for xxx" for hours or obvious luring. Their ass should be muted immediately instead of just waiting for ppl to get scammed. 7. Staff should not be flaming people or getting troll baited. When you are in a position of power you should keep it professional when possible.
  18. The Bloodlust key goes directly to your inventory when you win. I assume you had a full inventory, so it must have dropped on the ground or disappeared into the abyss. Perhaps @Gretar could consider depositing the key to the bank if player's inventory is full to avoid situation like this?
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