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  1. I say same it should be around a 1/5000 chance in getting a pet in my opinion should be something everyone has to work for but idk.
  2. Would be cool to see some more events in-game like tournament that everyone could participate in, I feel like it would give the players something else to do and since Castle Wars is currently down it would be a good time waster and maybe it could reward you with some cool things, This would also help bring new items into the game leave some comments down below for some ideas would love to see them all. Some examples are : Well of Good Will (Same as other servers except you put in PKP and it gives everyone Double PKP for an X amount of time) Something like a Crashing Star it would announce in-game where it is located something in that manner and you could mine it for a bit of PKP, also include a shop with stardust that could bring some new cosmetics in-game @Gretar
  3. Orbital Vsat

    my fav song rn

    This & Many Men, Patiently Waiting, and Whip Ya Head Boy prolly my favorites.
  4. Good thing you didn't turn out like @Dox Ur Nan <3
  5. Lolol i love the haters just means i'm gonna upload more for you all no in all seriousness i really don't give a fuck
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