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  1. Can't even NH/Rag here anyways, with these prayer delays l0l.
  2. Most are bad, I do agree ragging at meth shouldn't be allowed, but generally in terms of "Ragging", is a Pk Style and enter wild at your own risk.
  3. Completely agree with this, Ragging is a PK Style, just as there is Bridding and Regular Pking there is ragging, enter the wild at your own risk boys.
  4. Ik Arun, tryna be Mila Kunis or somethin
  5. All Lee is good for is acting like he wants to fun fight me then tells me to Come to easts and TBs me and his Selena and him double me. Lel
  6. Dds doesn't like you 

  7. Was he invisible the entire duel? @rawrdatank Posted a picture of an invisible staker aswell, seems like a issue for multiple people I guess.
  8. Arun not bad bridderman22 Keep up the good work
  9. And he wants the ice barrage to be placed where it is in RS07. Use Fire Wave @God
  10. @Kevin They Fixed the DH Formula 1 Hour too late.
  11. Yes finally I can buyer a custom!!!
  12. Thx 4 informing man, Except* though :)
  13. Wish all these items would be implemented soon, but not going to get my hopes up, everything takes ages. Also, ACB Shouldn't be 5k PKP, for what +10? 2.5k would be fine. Main things I'd like to see is the addition of Karambwans, and Dark Crabs. QOL: Quick Prayers, Bank all Equipped Armor. And Maybe XP drops like OSBuddy?
  14. Zoradz's name glows, this is what I meant by colors, cool stuff like this would be sick. There should be different titles, like Ex-Mod, 100$ Donator, etc.
  15. Maybe like different Forum Titles, ability to change name color on forums? Different Banners. Also: New Donator Logo's aren't aligned correctly.
  16. Naw, it just bugs me because now that I think about it, i've probably missed many B Ring's because of this
  17. Why should we have to loot rocktails though? When they can simply put it over food in drops. Or put everything worth pkp on the top of the list in order from the most expensive to least.
  18. Rlllllly Mike????????

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