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  1. Smackd


    rely bilal lava girl..
  2. Smackd

    Bank Sale

    he sed no merch dangerman........................
  3. Bc he's hiding the cancerous yell chat obviously.............
  4. Support. Should add Barrows minigame aswell
  5. Smackd

    New here.

    pls bandos w/me keven
  6. We sittin here requesting all this when it's taking 5 months for ACB Kappa
  7. Bank all equipped isn't a must, quick prayers are definitely needed.
  8. You don't need to see it, as long as everyone else does
  9. I think there are a few small things missing that should be implemented into the game. #1: Bank all Equipped This would come in handy here and there, just a small suggestion. #2: Quick Prayers Not sure why these aren't in the game already, but I believe everyone would like to see these implemented. Just small things don't think it would take too much time to add. Pls Gretar.
  10. Pointless, claws should be removed anyway if this server is looking to turn into a RS07 Server.
  11. Goood statsss, just need that Slayer up
  12. Pls take me to a tv show to get back my best friend pls! He hater me :'(
  13. Smackd

    I quit

    So you lose my SOTD and Quit? Answer PM See you online.
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