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  1. 16 hours ago, Knasterd said:

    So if I'm right you feel like there's too much pkp in-game and you don't see a sucessful eco-reset happen. Do you think the current pkp sinks have enough impact? Or would you like to see more pkp to sink? Or... Just keep it as it is?

    I want an eco reset but gretar has stated a few times that the current pkp sinks are enough to balance the eco

  2. Prices of items with how many are ingame are too low with how much pkp is ingame. I would like eco reset but there's items people have donated for which would make it hard to eco reset like customs and just reg items. Lots of charge backs

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  3. 22 hours ago, Allegiance said:

    I’ve played longer than you have. The fuck? 

    And how about don’t @ me anymore you humpback whale. Slaving your ass off on a rsps. Changing your name to similiar staff names because you “like helping people.” Go shit on someone else’s doorstep. 

    Sorry I can't hear you over all the veterans talking, oh wait it's only me.

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