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  1. Joe Budden - wake ty @ everyone, out of rep
  2. They got me with the ice cube trick
  3. Within the last day I got a new job. It pays amazing but I will literally have no time to play because my time at home will be to prepare Roat/rsps have been fun for the last ~8 years but I definitely am glad to be moving on. Roat is the best community (prob worst actual server LOL) I've ever been apart. Forums have been active ever since I joined, good hybrids have come through and lots of interesting people. My last vid I'll have ever made I'm very proud of. Maybe an undeserving winner to some people but I am proud of it So if anyone says they're me from this point on they're lying.
  4. Last vid congrats po on 2nd
  5. Lebron played great wot? Why would lebron fans feel any type of way
  6. Jij bent een kanker hond
  7. Kihfan55

    Meek mill diss

    meeks diss was actually good lol
  8. Dunno what ur saying u have a lisp and ur washed up and u only started 3 years ago shut up lol
  9. And D Wade wasn't even better than Bosh then l0l. Bosh was prob the best PF in the league in Miami but d wade was washed especially for the last spurs series. How are you gonna leave so many options on the table like KD had an leave for the team that beat you? lmfaoo
  10. I'm 22 FYI #king lee ! and this is the same dead banter you used 3 years ago on your suicide trip. "Haha you're almost 20 still playing rsps !" meanwhile you're now 19 (or something, idk how many times uve lied) and still dreaming of being someone relevant on exiled lmfaoooo You're corny and you bumping this topic shows how autistic u are
  11. @Yuji Sakai u see this joke guy? Kmfao
  12. I wanna know where they are so I can find u. I need a basic ahrim blessed ss set
  13. We buss u up u can't lie @Dr4g0nb0ys0n
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