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  1. Why are you not Promoting King arturia to moderator? He's the only SS with that much playtime and close to none afk hours and idk about the MRSS KING promotion Haven't added anything , they all Remain the same besides Sandal and Arturia who Deserve a promotion i wanna see that moderator Crown the next time i login @King Arturia
  2. some autistic shit right there , how is 4.2k-4.7k expensive , everyone can get that in like 30 mins and you want claws to be weakened when it costs x5 if not more the ags's price ? oh to add the cherry on top you want an ags to max cap 82 in rune while max str can barely hit 80 , you really need to get either a brain transplant or i will just come and shoot you and feed you to my dog
  3. Sandal Should be Considered for Promotion , Same for Paramingo and of Course my Boi King Arturia , Jackthat12 not that Active don't see him that often ,OP shacko is 10/10 no question , 4funplayer i maybe see him once-three times a week, the rest is fine in my opinion A pixel is also a rare drop you don't see often.
  4. 1701

    big hits

    Boi , i will Dunk yo ass back to the 9th Realm
  5. 1701

    big hits

    Yorick Main , Get your ass Back here
  6. I Agree with Raimon , Making The smallest of details such as brews and sanfews cost pkp is unreasonable since its a pk spawn server and what do you mean with the addition of new skills in the future? its a PKING spawn Server not Skilling , Slayer is a good addition because its wildy slayer and it synergizes with the theme of the Server , but adding skills like herblore you mentioned to make brews and such just Removes the identity of the server as a pking server , Yikes Man , I'd agree on maybe Dragon Arrows or Amethys Javelins , But the Rest should remain the same as it is .
  7. maybe Pker owns could use this , he seems like he needs it badly
  8. 1-Justiciar Helm 2-Infernal Cape 3-Amulet of torture 4-Holy Blessing 5-Ghrazi Rapier 6-Justiciar chestplate 7-Divine spirit shield 8-Justiciar Plateskirt 9-Ferocious gloves 10-Primordial boots 11-Berserker Ring 12-Claws to Gmaul/Ags to gmaul/Elder maul to Gmaul // or Swap the Ghrazi and divine for a scythe of Vitur , See you in wildy >:)
  9. +1 on this , Would love to see it happen and the Cannon to be implemented
  10. i can heavily related to that one ,
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