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  1. Finally something not shit-related. Have fun g
  2. They're deadass ugly af
  3. Can't say that I agree on your 3rd suggestion, but other than that I'm fine with the others.
  4. 1. Add duel & gambling fees. 2. Remove all sanfews & add them into the PK-Store for 5 PKP each. 3. Increase the price of Bandos & Armadyl gear as well as some other decent low price PKP items. 4. Reduce the daily amount of voting by 5 (to prevent multi voters from flooding votes into the game).
  5. Damn g, nice winnings. Gotta hook me up with some of that juicy loot.
  6. I do like your suggestion about Infernal skilling items, but the rest I'm not so sure. Sure, we could add a Genie pet but obtaining the pet would be way too difficult, considering that you're suggesting a 1/1500 chance of receiving the pet and Genie showing up once every 30 mins? Also, the donator benefits seem decent as they are imo.
  7. I mean, adding a temporary untradable AGS wouldn't be too bad imo.
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