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  1. Time for this weirdo to make another new account i guess
  2. Tbh all i see is my nigga is so confident he went multi n said fuck it lets 4v1 multi dont count my dargs keep up CATCH ME IN SINGLE BITCH COME FIGHT
  3. Irrelevant 2 month old clip on a multi kill, lmfao stop begging for attention using my teams name its a known fact every single 1 of u is str8 garbage btw the vid is not enjoyable to watch at all had 2 turn the speed on x5 turtle ass nigga smh
  4. Why Gg


    In-game Name: Why GgYoutube Channel (URL): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCopX1lYlbonha5vCjDD5y4g/videosWhy should we pick you ? Been representing this server 4 a while, will continue to do so
  5. using new recording software testing quality
  6. everything u said was dumb as fuck but this makes no sense lmfao 0 singles activity? theres a reason theres not a lot of singles activity as there used 2 be and thats simply cuz people are afraid 2 fight knowing theyll lose which is completely understandable, last team standing and that will continue to run this server facts
  7. Dont even need 2 write a whole paragraph by now everyone knows who runs this server and what goes on, big up the team 10x still unchallenged undefeated
  8. Promote @Khalil & @Yoeriwada for SS Promote @Suor for mod
  9. Had 2 mute it and watch it still
  10. Applications are closed for the time being. /ML Updated
  11. my darg dont watch that still bless u dont want war
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