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    Congratulations @Fantastic move this to goals and achievements please.
  2. @Xex told me to dislike sorry
  3. In game name? @Tulrak Pronouns? Ks amk @Gied4life Favorite RoatPkz activity waking up everyday excited to see if this is the day I have veteran rank
  4. @Gretar loc vet pls @Fantastic great admin. @Smackd great admin. @JBLIND Jblonde. @Khalil legend. @a pixel legend. @Gied4life legend. @pm2getbodied #1 @Supremium mod loc @goat mod loc @Fruitiest mod loc @Tulrak great loss for the team with you resigning but life comes first! @flage2 who? @killotoe who? @Bind U Dead doing an amazing job can’t fault him.
  5. 1 slap

    I feel like it's time

    One day @Xex @Eminem
  6. Hahahahaha my g I said i wasn’t proud of it!! Hhhhhh
  7. 1 slap

    Clue Scroll Guide

    Simply in game use this code ::getid ‘skill cape desired’
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