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  1. Gimme a vesta set?? Gimme a vesta set?? Gimme a vesta set??
  2. Well just got back my football and tour.Looking forwards for vids,dueling,brid,and nh.Also looking for a nh/brid clan to join so hit me up..
  3. Nice video,try to edit out the black side of the screen.Also is you making a intro?(Will be cool!!!!!!!)
  4. I had left for a football tourment but got injured at the last game I played an had to go to the ER.Well I look to see people Pmig yoobs saying he a nerd!
  5. I just got back and saw this so let me in!(I was in it on PKM!!!!!!!!)
  6. I agree with the sets but the boots should be in the pkp shop.
  7. Well,as some know that my football team won the nationals.Now we is going to go for state champions and I have to train more hours and go for basketball after.Well cya all my friend(Not inculding she rags)JKJK!
  8. king god

    I quit

    Goodbye mate,sorry for the late reply.
  9. king god

    Skorm cc

    OMG,skorm your cc is so mean and say they clear me but i drop they and bind u dead
  10. Awesome event this year.
  11. Skorm don't rag that much so i don't see the big idea tbh.(That brews setup)
  12. king god

    Choas element

    I was thinking about that but I thought it was risky to do it.
  13. king god

    Choas element

    1.They can turn the light down for they computer and they can't get bind from this. 2.I can see this but this the only one. 3.4 people is the best for the most hits and 2-3 can died easy and take longer.
  14. king god

    Choas element

    The money making and best boss is the Choas element ,but sometime it hard??? Well know you will now the best setup and ways to beat it! 1.Make sure to have no space or rocktails in inventory. 2.Use brews(6685) and Sanfew(10925) look like this https://gyazo.com/1984f627ab220bcd0209145ebc76c3cc. 3.Have aleast 4 friend to go with you and share the loot equally(that if they want to) Example:https://gyazo.com/ff688c83cb69f4e82ab2aa4bde6bd4e8 4.Gears!!!!!!!!!!!!Best gear to use for this:Statius,pker cape,dragon boot,ammy of fury,berserk ring,chaotic maul https://gyazo.com/2a79542348b16ef2c194581b01a21c2e only this if you have non of this items. THANK YOU FOR READING.MAKE SURE TO REP ME AND PM ME THE BEST PICTURE FOR MY PROFILE TO WIN 1K PKP ALSO THANK YOU Sophia,Yoeriwada,Masta J,AND UNGRATEFUL FOR MAKING SUGGESTION
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