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  1. What Is your In-Game Name? TeenoWhy do you wanna Join? Can rag for 48 hrWhat is your experience to Nhing/bridding In multipk? i pk a lot of clan, ben on roat pkz a lot nowWhat is your KDR? How many Hours a day are you online? allWhy should you be accepted? Am good pker +RAGGERDo you Have Discord/Skype/Teamspeaker? (1 Required) Yep
  2. Thanks for keeping us updated, you're doing a great work! Thank you again Kind Regards
  3. smited4bank, ain't delay for me or at least not in my opinion
  4. Big fights going on, wheres the staff to stop this drama? I think this post should be lucked for less drama.
  5. I would love to see that ::staff or ::staffonline were added, it would help new players & other people to see which staff members are online. also add a automessage for that which says like use ::staff to see what current staff members are online or something like that. and make a auto message that you can join the ClanChat "Help" if you need any kind of assistance or make it auto that you join the clan directly when you log in. Make claws cost more than 1k and increase the damage of it since it literally hits total 0-25 everytime I spec and it is worse than most of the spawnable weapons. Also to add ::market or ::trade or an grand exchange where you can go when you buy and sell items, would love it. without a pos/Ge I can't merch and also many others. Kind Regards
  6. You're just another troll that can't do nothing than hate on people. you shouldn't just not use forums your forum should be suspended.
  7. OK I dont no who this "HITLER" pker is bt AM cuming from PROTUGARL in -60 m1ns and see whoi is aVoID , BT LAST Time I saw him it was
  8. @Team Selena Gomez tink you should DELETE vid after what @Titans Administration sed. befor my DAD had trouble with dA "degradation of characte"
  9. all after S0PHIA was FKed just want 2 Know 1 thing, why his leg like this:
  10. and for more funniness we have "dawntain" creator comment
  11. ok i just want to go fsat and say EVN THO I DONT KNOW WHO U "667" is [email protected], new pker but you say that every kills is for barrows!? When go on 0:20 u kill useless moderation player for nothing and killer/focuser/pker has not got the drop LMFAO i think any pker even as bad as if some1 got bullied wud beat u. Am Cming HoME tomorrow from veunzwayla and will watch SPARTANS VS "TITANS" clan n see who is better
  12. How long have you been playing Runescape?: 17 weeks What's your preferred role in wild Tb/Rag/Focus: focus do you have experience in clanning?: am in g unit What's your Roatzpkz username(s)?: normork Can you supply your own shit?: no A picture of your best setup for each role. am at flower shop ill do when i get in my house
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