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  1. LOOOOOL kid doesn't even know prices lol gtfo
  2. Nice updates @John what kind of chatbox glitches are occuring? jw
  3. No real goal atm although max cape on osrs would be nice
  4. hey everyone, i mainly play osrs every once in awhile i'll play rs3 below are my stats c: yes i know my slayer on os is cringe af but im doing a big slayer grind soon so pls no roast me :c
  5. Hey everyone I'm Timebrawler or my irl name is wyatt i've been playing the server off and on since shortly after release i have 2 5+ year accounts and 1 that's about a month brawler414 & Timebrawler are my 5+ year accounts & alphaofgods is my new pleb account you're gonna start seeing me on Forums alot cause i'll admit it right now i'm a Forums nerd '-' anyways i hope to make new friends here now that im actually joining into the community instead of just playing alone
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