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  1. you still owe me 2m but you make me laugh ngl. See you next Sunday x
  2. I know how to record you leather skinned tramp
  3. My oh my what a fucking waste of oxygen.
  4. How do you speak English on the forums but if anyone trys to communicate with you ingame it's like talking to a fucking brick wall/ stinky Israeli who doesn't understand a word of English?
  5. Pyd

    Video editor

    Nobody is good. Only blacklist ns bots. It's a no from me x
  6. Pyd

    Video editor

    Snm.ill send you my discord wheni get home in pub rn x
  7. Pyd

    Video editor

    Cheers dumb brit lmk when he's back Cheers fam I'll get you a few clips soon.illpay you though don't want no charity
  8. Paying anyone with basic video editing knowledge to make pk vids for me. Need to keep the throne warm until my boy Mr Jake returns Reply here or pm me in-game will pay generously of course
  9. Yeah good one didn't realise "Joe denk-serial child molester" was pyd
  10. I think I'm a fucking boss anyone who disagrees has irl issues and is on a sex offenders register
  11. someone please explain to me why this downie peasant @Fruitiest can mute me for saying "eyeliner of doom" on ::yell, dumb fucking spear chucker
  12. It's that funny it makes me gag irl
  13. How are diangos claws in any way "fun" ?
  14. Good god you're still trying to be funny. Nobody gives a fuck about you Good riddance downie
  15. not sure why 70 def instead of 75 in 2018 but each to their own
  16. Pyd


    Imagine how much of a disaster this forum would be if anyone actually knew who you was, or gave the slightest fuck about you
  17. not one of those top 10 even hybrid LOL
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