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Fire surge/Tome/SOL

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As what I suggested for came true before shortly after my suggestion (abby dagger),

It would be cool to fire surge a 45 for a combo.

I mean sure it'll change the game/nhing/rushing ect but In a good fun way :D

The only thing id regret about it is the rise in tbers. 

Also id like to add BRING SOL BACK! it was a cool ass staff before and it still is! The buff to Sara strike with added smite just made it that more awesome.

I highly recommend they come into-game but this is just my opinion. Monk robes (g), Dragon  (g ) & ranger should also be in-game :-)

P.s - when you ::getid mask,  loads of masks unknown to the game isn't added along with capes, they should be in-game too.

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