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Freddy Kreuger-YNW Melly ft. Tee Grizzley

 oppswantmedead-lil skies

take one- kodak black

Lost and Found - Tee Grizzley ft YNW Melly

Pray for the Drip- Tee grizzley ft offset

1 night(feat quavo)- tee grizzley

hooters- tee grizzley

High for Hours- j cole

A.L.L.T.Y.3.- trippie redd

Love scars 3 - trippie redd

No complaints- Metro Boomin ft offset, drake

10 freaky girls- metro boomin x 21 savage

space cadet- gunna

white wine- lil peep

witchblades- lil peep

we think too much- lil peep

 star shopping- lil peep

life is beautiful- lil peep

lil kennedy- lil peep

married to the game- future

 violent- ty dolla sign

19- lil peep

nuketown- ski mask the slump god ft juice wrld

Yacht club- lil yachty ft juice wrld

SaintLaurenYSL- lil yachty ft lil baby

save that shit- lil peep

i Dont Wanna Do This Anymore- xxxtentacion

Bastard- Tyler The Creator

Institution- kodak black

suicidal thoughts- The Notorious B.I.G.

Love is hell- phora 

stuck in my ways- phora ft 6lack

Lonely- young bans x lil yachty 

Poles 1649- trippie redd

stoves on 14th- trippie redd

Love scars pt. 2/ rack city- trippie redd

Hopeless boy- king lil g

j cole alternative name- “king colee”

King colee- how high 

king colee- killers 

Demons and angels - juice wrld 

Swervin - a boogie 

Call’n- chief keef 

Fuck the other side - trippie redd

A Lot - 21 savage ft J Cole 

4L-21 savage 

ball w/out  you-21 savage 

Slime belief -nba young boy 

Style stealer - lil baby 


Crunch time - j cole 

grew up fast -j cole 

Hellboy-lil peep

past the castle walls lil peep ft lil Tracy 

white tee lil peep ft lil Tracy

heart-lil tracy

Gym class-lil peep 

January 28 j cole 

Let’s pretend we’re numb - xxxtentacion 

Train food -xxxtentacion

guardian angel - xxxtentacion

what are you so afraid of - xxxtentacion 

Crushed up - future 

lil skies - real ties


i need more - chief keef 

Cat piss - Ski mask 




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I am not saying mumble rap is objectively good. No music is. You don't have to like it. But there is much more to it than the lyrics.

Mumbling the lyrics and repeating the same stuff is in a way a countermovement to the more technical and intellectual styles of the past. It started as a rebellion against the polished, precise and mainstream-viable hip hop. Rap has always been about showing off and it is also an expression of "look, I am so successful, I can go to the studio high and slur my words. There is also humor in the lyrics, funny metaphors or plays of words. Then there is the beat. Again, you may think they all sound the same, but I disagree. Hearing a beat that just makes you want to bang your head for the first time is amazing. And then there is the image of the artist as a person, which is also a big part of this genre.


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