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Hi to everyone!

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Hi All,

Just popping by to say hi.. It's been a while to say the least and its good to see some old and new faces around.

I guess you know me or you don't but I used to play RoatPkz back when it first started.

I went up the ranks and ended up working closely with Gretar trying to make RoatPkz great. Most of the time it worked but sometimes it didn't (you know how it goes).

I was around about 16/17 when I first started Roat I'm now 23 i used to spend countless hours on RoatPkz and loads has happened since those days. I might see you all in-game at some point to see how everyone is and how things are around the server since back then. 

Feel free to say hi and it'll be good to catch up with people. Peace 😏 



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20 minutes ago, Ahmash said:

wb dave its been a long time mate

im still active on roatz so ill cya ingame

Yo Ahmash! Longtime no see buddy how are you!? Good to see you’re still about! 

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39 minutes ago, PK Guy said:

Nice to see you again mate. You still owe me an AGS btw

I think I remember that! Wasn’t it from the Arena? And well I guess I do 😎

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