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This is why I should be server support because It aint shit than putting a grade on my face.


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Okay so to all of those who been disrespecting me and not knowing what I added to the community and who has the firsts to be server support right away because to the lots of my contributions and adds to the game that helped improve it for us and make it more joy and fun with that being said I don't like being called braindead by fun time so I thought this will make him realize his spot that he is a new and random guy who each call newfag, you got lucky for getting senior support and trying to put gloves with me on yell literally tell me how stupid and shit you are when you are feeling yourself freely again without any higher admins looking out, being toxic is a one thing guaranteed gretar hates and will give you time before he start demoting bitches like you and those who stood in your side are as fool as you are for finally disrespecting me again and showing me your true colors, I wouldnt vouch or support for fun time to stay senior support due to the past mistakes he have made and made alot of players report him for such illegal stuff and no such move had been made for that case but rest assure everybody will try and to take it away from you because you are on the wrong side and starting paralyzes with me indeed wont help you succeed it for any longer. but your not my pain point and what you said to me in yell are already forgotten i can go back and take pictures but its unecessary but you know what you said and there's no taking it back. staff are losing it and starting to trash talk with everyone and they are just out of tame, the means of this is they'll be demoted for these later if there are proof and evidence taken it would make the process go faster.

About me. Why people keep nagging me why i'm not ss yet and giving me a hard time about it that i applied so many times about it and not sure why myself gretar has to be the one who knows. you know i can be a perfect staff and this will be worked on and fixed. maybe my applications aren't as strong as yours guys because I never applied ever for the first time. So i been trying to find a way to make an application go through and be approved. but finally i realize its maybe more than that. So i'm here just to let you know what I added to the server. No offense to anyone I did alot and the best I can. Hope you can appreciate that. Thank You.

I want to send a special thanks to the guys who supported me and chanted chef 4 server support for long, few of them are unrecognized because idk them. But zite and pk4guy and up to more 15 vouches i used to get daily by them as chef4server support. and it only pushed me to keep trying. maybe gretar doesnt like me or have a problem against me and hopefully we can fix that anytime later on a conversation maybe soon as he replies. waiting for applications to drop is very cringe I know I earned my server support without having to apply for it. What's the hold up? you can promote me here and now. Thanks


Stuff I did to the server and my intention was to help the server and community grow and give where is needed and where I can. Thanks for that too.

My back up to all of this and main thing. Why I should be Server Support.

It's because all of this and there's More and more to count. 


My contrbitions to the server over all years

And some of them are taken and some at on stand

Some of them are taken like the skulls post and it took smackd to make you guys bounty hunter skulls that are dope like 100 ks skull. and more

lots more here you can find as taken and helped indeed the server making it more awesome and add to it. The point here is that Added. Maybe not every staff did what I did, Maybe they got lucky with their Suggestions. But I sure was more envolved with everything more than they did and server support rank is at least what the outcome would may be.


PS: Also if you are getting into my posts on by one you will find that the community manager idea comes from mine, as with more things, problem is im not staff to be thanked for being partners but unrecognized. any player would fall in this same circumstance.

Hence, I'm doing a small competition to everyone who can and go through every post and read as much as possible and watch all the engagements and support on some of the recommendations will be in a part of small contest and are able to win a prize if you was the first winner But there are conditions you have to read everything and come back to me with a feedback and one of the best feedbacks will get the reward simply as that. It's 100k.






















































To Celeberate everything I done past years










































And more to come. But let me focus on the main point, { Its Up }

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On 2/3/2023 at 7:10 PM, Ya Mama said:

Honestly, you'll never get SS acting like this


I'm not sure what you are referring to by acting like this. all my acts are straight and forward it doesn't refer to anything bad. but still i'm not sure what you are referring to.

On 2/3/2023 at 3:50 AM, Sinister said:

That’s interesting bro no way

Yes thank you that's a fair response.

On 2/3/2023 at 12:56 PM, JBLIND said:

@Gym Life Thoughts?

I'm sure id be interested in this. you both can give your thoughts on this.

On 2/3/2023 at 6:44 PM, goat said:

too long, cba reading

It's understandable. You don't have to read it, you tried it means something. as it should. Thanks.

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